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As you might have guessed, I love Instagram. I know a few people think it’s silly because it’s “just everyone trying to make their photos look arty by making them all look exactly the same”, but to me, that’s only true if all you’re thinking about is the look of the photo, whereas I’m more concerned about the content. Every photo is a memory, and an iPhone photo straight out of the camera very rarely captures the moment the way you remember it (the lighting is too harsh, contrast too high, colours too saturated).

Insert Intagram, and your memories are preserved in a prettier light =)

So, imagine my delight when I came across Casetagram, an online store where you make your own Phone case with your Instagram photos on the back! I tell you, for $35 with free worldwide shipping, it’s awesome. And fast! My case arrived within 2 weeks =)

Mikaela casetagram1

The only problem now is, I put my phone on surfaces screen down because I don’t want to scratch my pretty case =P

Mikaela casetagram2

Some other cool sites that print your instagram photos in various formats include Printstagram and Stickygram, and I’ll be ordering from both very soon =D