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This week on Creative Collective, the girls are asking: “Where do you find your creative inspiration? What blogs do you read for inspiration? Who’s twitter do you follow? Is there someone in your life you go to for support and creativity? Are you a member of any creative social groups?”

I’m going to slant my answer towards the creativity I bring to my home decorating, DIY house projects, renovations and the like. I’d have to say in reference to my house and the goals I’d like to achieve, most of my inspiration comes from a few places on the internet, and my friends.

All of my friends have really lovely homes, but a select few of them also have neat, tidy, well organised and well decorated homes. Every time we come home from visiting a particular couple, I always want to throw out 3 more pieces of furniture, because we have so.much.stuff… Another couple (well, the lovely wifey, the husband has a good deal here) keeps their home immaculately clean and tidy. Whenever we come home from their place I want to do the dishes, clean the kitchen, and vacuum the house all at once. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel a need to compete with these people (at ALL, they are our good friends), I just see their homes and think “gosh how nice would it be to live in a home as neat/tidy/organised as this all the time”. So that is one source of inspiration, of the de-cluttering vein.

On the good ol’ internets, of course there is Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest. Before this magnificent website, I used to save hundreds of images to my computer in an “inspiration” folder, and then later have to guess why I saved it and what in the image I had liked or wanted to replicate. Now I can save all these images into a virtual scrapbook, which also links to the original website, article or how-to, along with putting my own little notes to each image. Genius!

I also look to a few bloggers for house inspiration. Firstly, DoorSixteen. Anna has pretty much finished all her main house renovations and makeovers now, but looking through her Flickr stream, her house is just amazing, and she has a super sense of style and design.
Door Sixteen

Image: Door Sixteen

Along with following Anna, I love seeing regular DIY Projects by Kate of Centsational Girl. That woman is amazing with a can of spray paint! Her design style of her home is lovely (though not my style) and she gives fantastic step-by-step how-to’s on all her projects.
Centsational Girl

Image: Centsational Girl

And from Australia, I follow Belinda of The Happy Home. Belinda has just moved from her home where most of her renovations and makeovers took place, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does when they buy their next house!
The Happy Home

Image: The Happy Home

Where do you find you inspiration? Make sure to link up if you blog about it =)