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I’ve now been tagged by the lovely Elise of lecoco.com and the ever fun Kiki of The Life and Times of KiKi Chaos to do a 7 random things post… So here I am, randoming it up. Yes, it’s a word. Go look it up!*

I stole ideas from both these girls, because after a day of water skiing I don’t have an original thought left in my head.

1. Family Stuff – I had an older sister who passed away in 2005, and an older half brother who I only found out about later the same year. My parents seemed really worried to tell me, like I’d flip out or something, but I thought it was awesome (and still do of course), insta-family! So I also have 2 of the sweetest little nieces, as an added bonus =)

2. Body stuff – (sounds kinky!) I can touch my nose with my tongue. Now that is fairly random and a fact I’m sure you were all desperate to know.

3. Indulgences – I don’t smoke, very rarely drink (once maybe every 3 or 4 months), and don’t do drugs (and haven’t, pretty much ever). These are lifestyle choices I have made, and at times you can feel like a bit of a social outcast (when “everyone else is doing it”), but 95% of the time I am of the thinking that while it is fine for others to put that shit into their body on a regular basis, I’d rather not, and I think I’m a much healthier and happier person for it (than I would be otherwise).

4. Collections – I have a modest collection of Salt and Pepper shakers. I think this started because my mum has a little collection of her own S&P shakers. I have about 5 or 6 at the moment, I think over the years that number will definitely grow.

5. Tastes – I LOVE cake, but I hate the icing. It is always so rich and sickly sweet. Mind you, the cake has to be just right, if it’s too dry that it *needs* icing, then it’s just not that great anyway. A thick, moist slice of chocolate (dark or white) mud cake – hold the icing – is my perfect dessert. Or Profiteroles. I can eat a whole packet of them (8!) by myself in one go. ooooh now I’m hungry.

6. Favourites – My favourite colour in general in blue, favourite colour to wear is a deep turquise/teal (or anything bright). Favourite number is 2 (first choice of shirt in soccer, 2nd choice is 6). What else do you usually have a favourite of? can’t think of anything.

7. Life – I’m a big believer in Karma. The main thing I want my eventual kids to grow up with is “be a good person”. In general. Be nice to people, do good things, think of others, be compassionate. I try!

So the 7 people I would love to hear 7 random things about are:

Lala : Schmeckt
Faux Fuchsia
Anna : Door Sixteen
Dani : Sometimes Sweet
Kyla Roma
Jess : Epheriell Designs


Feel free to post your own answers to the headings I’ve given in the comments =)

*Did you look it up? See, I lie all the time, definitely not a word.