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Recently we were offered the opportunity to test drive some toys of our choosing through Childsmart, and given the range of great products available it was no easy task to decide! For this review we selected the Roller Coaster Set by Brio, part of the Railway 33730 range.


I’ve always loved wooden train track sets and after we had our family holiday to the coast in January this year, where Rafa (aged 4.5) got to play with the amazing set they had at the holiday house, I knew he would really love to start building his own Brio world.


I must say, the whole experience as soon as we received the box was really positive. Rafa enjoys reading and following instruction booklets, so as soon as we opened the box he was into it, and the beauty of these types of toys is that they are so simple to construct, he pretty much did it all by himself, with just a little help from dad.




Once the initial excitement wore off we were able to move the set into the playroom, where he really got stuck into it. He started making up little narratives for the kids in the roller coaster carriages immediately, and soon started playing with different configurations of the track to fit with the pieces of track he already has.



This toy is for ages 3+, but when Harriet got a hold of one of the pieces, I wasn’t worried (as long as I was watching her), because they are well made and not small enough to be too much of a hazard.


As I’m writing this I can hear Rafa in his playroom knocking things about, pretending the rollercoaster cars are rocket ships and having Lego Batman come and save the day in Brio world 😉


The Brio branded sets are really high quality, they are well made – smooth edges on the wood pieces, no rough or splintery bits, the plastic pieces are sturdy and well moulded, no random flakey tags or weak spots. I have a feeling this toy is going to last many, many years!


Overall I really like the Roller Coaster Set, the fact that the kids can let the cars go at the top of the ramps and they run all the way down themselves is really fun, and the configuration of the flat tracks will allow us to build onto the set in the future.


If you have the chance to invest in a Roller Coaster Set from Brio, I definitely recommend it =)


Disclaimer: All opinions stated in this post are my own, are genuine and truthful. Compensation for this post was received in the form of the toy, no monetary compensation was received.