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This weekend was full of fun and goodness and chaos and bedlam. But so good!

Friday night we went to tacos (as usual) at JA’s parents place. Erin came down from Newcastle for the weekend so she was there, as well as Katie and her boyfriend Pete. It was nice to hang out with everyone, all in good moods with funny stories to share.

Saturday Erin came over and we made Chai tea from a recipe my good friend Lexi sent me… our attempts were not very successful. It smelled good, but lacked taste. We just added more milk, sugar and creme and made a sweet creamy drink which was then tasty, but not a good example of Chai.
Chai Tea

Afterwards we went to JA’s soccer game in the deep south (Kambah) where we played with Russell (pictured below) and my friend Summer’s mum’s pup, Truffle. Truffle is a champion soccer player, she is smaller than a ball but round it up like a star, so cute.

After that we came home and watched Wall-E with their dad. I got in a baking mood and made scones and then a stew for dinner. 1: Wall-E is the greatest movie ever. 2: Fresh Scones are SO yummy. 3: Masaman Curry Paste makes stews extra good.
Making Scones

I then did a bit of goodie-making for Mikaela Handmade while watching Hairspray and then The Wedding Singer. So weird followed by so good.

Today was a big big day! It was the Million Paws Walk, where around 5000 dogs and many more people walk around part of the lake here in Canberra (approximately 5kms) to raise money for the RSPCA. This is the first year we’ve gone in the event because I’m usually at soccer on a Sunday. Boy howdy was it huge! It was exciting but also stressful, I’m not sure how much the dogs actually enjoyed the walk (they had to be on lead the whole time). But I loved just seeing so many dogs at once, it was great. Our team also raised over $500 for the cause! So pleased =)
Million Paws Walk
Million Paws Walk
Million Paws Walk

After all that excitement, I went with Erin and Susan to the Kingston Markets for a little looksie. They were having a Wool special on, so there were lots of lovely scarves, gloves, cardies and a multitude of other knitted things. I said hello to Miri and hr mum Adele at the Adele Designs stall, and also my old school mate Penny at her stall where Erin and Susan both got some hand muff thingies. I bought a gorgeous little cocktail dress (not made from wool!) from Carly Q design, which I’ll model in a later post (will have to wear it out on a date!).

Now we’re settling in to another dinner at home with Erin and Frank (JA’s dad), before I have to get up bright and early to coach the boys soccer team at work tomorrow! Can I have 2 more days off to just do nothing please?? Who am I kidding, I love being busy.

What did you do this weekend?