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So, give or take up to 2 weeks, I’ve got about 3 weeks to go. Feeling really good still (touch wood), no aches or pains, ankles aren’t too swollen (no cankles yet), still sleeping through the night without having to get up a million times to pee… High fives all round!

Mikaela pregnant belly - 37 weeks

Baby bag is packed, hospital bag is packed, nappies, clothes, sheets and wraps are all washed. Wheat bag bought. Bassinet in room. Getting baby capsule installed tomorrow.

Bathroom is not finished. Still need to complete 2 client design projects. Study is a mess (filled with bathroom stuff!).

So not completely ready, but close to it =)

In other baby-related news, Katie’s baby shower (that I made the invitations for) was this weekend, and it was so much fun =D I decorated a cake in a jungle theme and also baked some more sugar cookies, which were so yum. I’m *so* proud of the cake decorating though (I didn’t make the cake, it’s a Boston Mud from the Cheesecake Shop in Dickson, I wanted it to look good but also be edible!), and can’t wait to decorate fun cakes for our kid every year on birthdays and special occasions.

Mikaela - cake decorating

Mikaela - sugar cookies
Cookie photo by Gemma, thanks chica!

That’s it for now! Pretty boring preggo update I guess, but that’s the best way to be I think =D