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It was our first wedding anniversary this Saturday past, and it was great =)

We went to see Alice in Wonderland at Dendy Premium lounge (Premium lounge is awesome, movie was just good, left me feeling unfulfilled unfortunately) then went to Mezzalira Restaurant for a fancy dinner, which was really nice. And afterward went to a birthday party of a good friend (Happy 26th Hart!). All in all a nice, relaxed, perfect day =)

The next day my muma gave us some gifts (as did his mom) along with a cupcake from our Wedding Cake that she had saved in the freezer! I was so pleased =D I had a nibble though and it was rock hard, so Girds and Harley helped us eat it, which was also a perfect ending to our awesome cake.
Girds eating wedding cake

Harley eating wedding cake

I love my husband. Any man who loves a dog this much has to be a keeper ♥

JA with Girds