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Are totally not, right? Here’s the thing: I’m 5’5, 55kg (120pds), and not tough. At all. And a bit of a girl, really. So when I go into the tattoo parlour to book a time to get my fourth tattoo, it’s not likely to be some giant massive naked chick on a bike or a skull with snakes going through the eye sockets. Sorry to disappoint you, tattoo guy. But did you really expect me to ask for something like that? No? Then don’t make me feel lame when I ask for stars. Because that’s what I want. That’s what I’m getting this Saturday! Which means I need to donate blood asap, before then (looking up where to go now).

In the header image you can see the three tattoos I currently have. They are (L-R) #1 A symbol in memory of my sister, which is an A for Altarra, with wings and a halo on my left shoulder blade. The A is in the style that she signed her name; #2 A ladybug with some leaves and swirls on my right wrist (21st birthday present to self) that I designed and was then told by the tattoo chick that it was too small and would reflect badly on the tattoo artist (her) when the lines start to fade. pssh, whatever, just do it already, your talking is reflecting badly on you. And #3, my gecko on my back right hip, an 18th birthday present to myself.

The stars on Saturday are going on my ankle/foot (ouch!), here’s a sneak peak of the design:

Handmade stars...

Handmade stars...

I really like getting tattoo’s, but JA doesn’t like them at all, so I’ve limited myself to one for each “major” birthday for the remainder of my days… So far I’ve got one for my 18th & 21st, this one is for my 25th, then it will be 30, 40, 50 etc. That way I won’t be covered in them for his sake, but get to look forward to getting another one every so often. Good compromise I think =)

Do you have any tattoos? Does your partner like them or not so much?

And here is the finished product! Very happy with it =)

Nifty doing my tattoo

All Done

Tattoo Complete