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Mikaela - Baby Shower Bunting

*contented sigh*

What a fabulous weekend! It had a number of things going for it. #1, the weather is becoming perfect. Sunny, breezy, Spring time weather is my absolute favourite, I always feel like I can do anything in this kind of weather. #2, Friday and Saturday was spent shopping, baking and crafting, getting ready for my baby shower. #3, the party itself was so great, we are extremely lucky to have such wonderful family and friends to share this time with, and we were really really spoiled (did I mention how lucky I am??). #4, a lazy Sunday of no plans, with a bit of tidying up (made easier by the fact that mum, mum-in-law Susan, Aunty Anne and Katie were absolute champions the night before and cleaned up almost everything for me), a yummy lunch, and couch time with JA, followed by an easy take away dinner… ahhhh

*another contented sigh*

Mikaela - Baby Shower Fresh Flowers

I’m terrifically knackered now though. I think I may have climbed up onto our dining table a few too many times to put up and take down decorations, and my hips/pelvis/back are officially quite angry with me. But it was well worth it =)

Mikaela - Baby Shower Decorations

My best friend ChloĆ© and my mum Sally were the official Hostesses with the mostesses, and they, along with my mum-in-law Susan and Sister-in-law Katie, and good friend Summer, came over a few hours before Go Time to help put up decorations, sort out game prizes and prepare food. I kind of found out during this process that I’m actually a bit of a control freak and did find it hard to just let everyone do their thing, but I’m so glad I did because they were all amazing and everything turned out perfectly =)

Mikaela - Baby Shower

My big project for the party was to make some fancy cupcakes, and I was really pleased with how they turned out! I got the recipes for the cupcakes and the frosting from Glorious Treats (such a great site), and even though JA reckons they look like Unicorn Poo, I love them! I did mini cupcakes and made about 40, and they were all gone by the end of the night so they must have been alright =D

Mikaela - Baby Shower Cupcakes

Mikaela - Baby Shower Cupcakes

We started the shower with the girls at 4pm while all the guys went go-karting, and had lots of different yummy treats to eat, as well and tea, coffee, punch and champagne.

Mikaela - Baby Shower Teacups

Mikaela - Baby Shower Tea & Coffee

Mikaela - Baby Shower Drinks Station

Then afterwards when the boys arrived we had a joint bbq with snags, mince patties, steaks and delicious salads. There was a perfect amount of food for everyone (love it when that happens!) and the Wallabies even won the Tri-Nations to top off a great night! Once again, I have to say how grateful I am to have such wonder, loving, supportive and helpful people around us, so willing to firstly share in this celebration with us, but then also turn around after a long day and wash my grill!!! (Aunty Anne, you’re the best)

So thank you, thank you, to everyone =D xxx

Mikaela - Baby Shower Cupcakes