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Warning: teacher talk coming up… Possibly boring but potentially eye opening! (Plausibly educational). Crafty stuff further down.

Today I’ve been moving desks at work, which is a bit of a production really. As a graphic design teacher, I come under the Technology banner, which is part of the “Maths and Technology” faculty. Hence me living in the maths staffroom (Which confuses everyone – I have a sign above my desk that reads: “It’s sounds like English but I have no idea what you’re saying”). It’s now been decided however that as design is a visual class, it should be with media and arts, so I’ve been moving down to the DAP staffroom (Design, Arts and Performance), or perhaps the MADDD staffroom (Multimedia, Arts, Dance, Drama, Design), the name is still to be confirmed =P This means I get to sit with my buddy Miri which is great, but I will miss some of the maths staff that I got along with really well.

I was hoping to get a big chunk of prep done at the end of this year, but here we are, 2 days to go, and I’ve just re-organised one folder of work. That’s it! I still have to prepare a whole unit that I haven’t taught before (I’m pretty sure this is the first time it’s been taught in Canberra as it’s a new course and the other design teachers don’t want to go near a whole unit on Typography). I also have to re-write some assessment tasks, and the big BIG job, clean up my classroom. It literally looks like a tornado came through. There’s shit EVERYWHERE.

Besides that what have I been doing?

Getting obsessed with a project of course, does one really have to ask? It’s what I do. If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen I like to juggle about 50 bazillion projects at once. At the moment I’ve got my blog (what you’re reading right here), my jewellery business (recently re-re-branded as Juno), the Canberra Wedding Website and Forums (still lots more to do before launching, sign up for updates!), and Mikaela Handmade, which is the one I’m going nuts about. My handmade stuff I plan to sell at the Old Bus Depot Markets (and possibly the Handmade Markets at the Woolshed) next year, so I’m busily making button magnets and photo art cards (have just made some to send to rellies for Chrissy, love them!). I’ve lined up a printer to print the fabrics for the kids range (Goose & Gander), and plan to paint a whole bunch of mini canvases when we go to the coast in January, as I did on our last coast trip (though I’ll take more with me this time!). I’m also researching lots about how to sell at markets, tip and tricks etc, and presentation of the stall, and going to the markets this weekend to scope it all out. Lots to think about!

That is, if I’m accepted. Last time I applied I got rejected =[ But I know the reasons why (not enough stock, too much of the same stuff as others already holding stalls (nature photos), didn’t present professionally enough, etc etc…) and this time I’ll blow them away =)

The most exciting part of my week (perhaps month, though Christmas is still to come) was that I purchased a button/badge maker! Heads up, I call badges “buttons”, it’s a way cuter word. I’ve been wanting one for AGES, and now I’ll be able to make a whole bunch of cute buttons and magnets with a range of specialty papers and fabrics I’ve bought to make them with. Here’s hoping people will want to buy them! The machine was posted yesterday via regular box Aus post from Victoria, so it may take awhile to get here =(

Tomorrow is graduation at work, Miri, Iain and I have a job to decorate the stage, which means we have to find “big flowers” from somewhere and set them all up. After grad the teachers are going out to dinner, then the cool kids will be kicking on for a night of mayhem, before the last day of school. Friday is Christmas lunch, so no work will be getting done then either!

Next week I’ll be making some goodies for Christmas presents, so I’ll no doubt post about all that (with piccies), and this weekend is my niece’s 4th birthday party as well as my mum’s birthday and an afternoon tea as “honorary godmother” at a work friends place, with the other proper god mothers of her baby girl. Full weekend! Should be good. See you on the flip side =)