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February is Birthday Bonanza month over at Creative Collective, and this week the girls are asking:

Do you have any family traditions? Do you have a favorite birthday that stands out in your mind? Do you have any birthday horror stories? Are you planning any big birthdays this year?

I like to stretch my own birthday celebrations out as long as possible, over a weekend or even a week if I can manage it!

I started writing this yesterday but it has turned into a massive trip down memory lane with photos from many birthday’s past, so be prepared for an image heavy post! (the best kind, no?)

Last year we had a lovely BBQ at the Lake Ginn Doggie Park with great friends and family (and 3 week old Raf!). This is the awesome Ice Cream/Gelato cake my muma got for me:

In 2010 I managed to coordinate 3 birthday do’s, including dinner where this photo was taken by bestie Clo – ? it!

I’m also partial to party planning and decorating (the impending kids parties over the next several years are my idea of HEAVEN). In 2009 I had a Halloween themed birthday party, which was awesome. I loved making my cake!

We also went out to dinner, and to the coast. Lucky girl!

In 2006 for my 21st Birthday I planned, put together and decorated my Alice in Wonderland themed party, it was fantastic. This was the amazing cake my Godparents made for me:

And my gorgeous God Mother helped to make my costume, bit of a mix between Alice and a Bavarian Bier Wench, but you get the idea =P

How cute are my Nandy and Pa? Pa passed away in 2008, but I’m going to Nandy’s 92nd Birthday lunch today!

Mostly everyone went all out with their costumes, I loved it! This is bestie Clo with her bro Luke and mum Sophie. Awesome =)

Mum and dad as the King and Queen of Hearts:

And the amazing in-laws =) I felt completely spoiled, not only did everyone go all out on their costumes but the gifts they bought me were lovely too, I had a couple of bottles of champagne which went down well now that I can legally drink, I had some beautiful gifts to memorise it being my 21st including a couple of 21 keys, an engraved goblet and also a necklace with 21 on it, like I said completely spoiled.

I also had a thing for making Pinata’s, you can see the Pink Flamingo from my 21st Birthday here:

We made a purple Hippo for Katie’s 18th:

I’m pretty sure we also made one for JA’s 18th and my own 18th, but that was back when we took photos on film! Will have to go hunt some piccies down…

And my very first attempt at making a character cake (with Katie’s help), JA’s 21st Bender cake:

I found some photos from 2003! Here you would think it was my 12th Birthday, right? Nope, 19th. Crazy young:

This is the cake JA made me for the celebration at the In-Laws, it says “to girl”, so cute:

For the celebration with friends I had a Hawaiian/Beach themed party, I remember it being really cold though, boo.

Also, as if this is a surpirise, I already know what I want to do for my 30th Birthday. 3 years away. Yup!

I can’t wait to make a big fuss over Raf’s birthday too from now on =D