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Mikaela Halloween Costume Gyspy PirateLast night we had a Halloween Party at JA’s mom’s house. We’d spent a lot of the day running around doing stuff, and didn’t have a lot of time to get ready (we were late as it was). I threw together a “gypsy/pirate” outfit using clothes and accessories I already had, and JA ended up going in his Wedding suit (making good use of our wedding gear as I did last Halloween) with a bit of makeup, and he was the devil (kinda lame, but we didn’t prepare well).
Bobbing for Apples
We did bobbing for apples, I had a go this year, got water up my nose though =P I carved my first ever pumpkin! Because we were a bit late I did mine quickly whilst everyone was getting dinner (far left), I would have loved to spend more time on him to make him scarier, he kinda just looks cartoony. But it was lots of fun (and a bit gross).
Halloween Pumpkins

Seeing as last night was actually the 30th, I did something special for Halloween today (Sunday), which I’ll post about this week =)