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The title is a bit misleading… What I’m actually doing is getting my digital life sorted, which is no mean feat. I spend approximately, hm, lets say 5 hours a day on the computer. About 8 on a “design work” day. Which for some people is probably not much, but that’s outside of my day job, so it’s actually quite a lot. I’ve had my iMac for just over a year, and for the past couple weeks it’s been yelling at me to clean it up (eg, “scratch disks are full!” in Photoshop), because out of a possible 297gb hard drive space, I only had 20mb free. eep.

So the massive cleanout has begun!

I haven’t been using Time Machine properly (where the entire HD is backed up regularly onto an external drive) because I’ve been manually backing up to my external HD and also have lots of old files still on there that have needed to be sorted for about a million years. I’ve also got all my client folders in one directory, meaning I have to scroll through over 100 folders to find the current one I’m working on… I’ve just finished sorting them into ‘current’ and ‘archived’, and am now burning off the archived folders.

Oh gosh. The whole process is taking several hours so far… I’m trawling through the external HD, sorting, trashing and moving files around, and then transferring the ones I need to keep to the Mac HD. Once I’ve finished doing that I can format the external and set it up to be my backup in Time Machine. And my digital brain will be free from clutter and much easier to navigate =)

Mac HD is up to 57 gigs free!