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The lovely ladies over at Creative Collective have just finished a Photography Inspired month of goodness, which included their August Challenge: Life & Lens.

“This month we’re asking you to share your life through the lens. It’s simple all you have to do is get out your camera (whether it’s in a phone or a proper old school camera) and look for inspiration around you. We want to see your life through your eyes”

I thought this would be a great first challenge for me to participate in, since I don’t go a day without taking a photo of something!

I didn’t share my photos weekly, but knew I’d have a bunch of Instagram photos to show at the end of the month, so here they are, care of Instagrid.me =) Everyone should hop on over to the Creative Collective Blog, it’s pretty fab!

Mikaela - Instagrid Photos

Welcome home husband; farewell flowers from students; kitty kisses; morning sunshine on balloons; no coffee today; sun shiiiiiine; husband’s leaving on a jet plane; squoosh face doggie; baby shower cupcakes; 33 weeks; blossoms from a student; sunny day; good morning Girdler; coffee cup love; sleepy kitty; pattern coffee; nursery sneak peek; breakfast at home; butterfly; umbrella inside; packaging; homemade apple pie; love; poser dog; doggie wrangling; preggo lady pillow setup; coffee illustration fail; too tired; cloudy day; morning snuggles