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Hello people! Long time no chats! We’re up to the second week of term, at college and Uni, which equals lots of teaching hours and LOTS of names to learn, so I’ve been a bit awol from the old bloggity blog, but I’m going to try my hardest to pop in with interesting things over the next few weeks (perhaps not house related though unfortunately. except this post, is, semi-related to house stuff) until I get my “spare” time back in my schedule, when I can do some more projects. Ok, stop rambling, get to the good stuff.

Yesterday I went and saw Michael Bublé in Sydney with my mumsie, and oh. my. god. I luff him. He is quite the comedian. I actually found the songs to be the dullest part of the whole performance (they were awesome), and if you ever get a chance to go see him, do, just for the funnies.

The opening act was incredible. Check them out here and here. Awesome. I promise. I wish I had talent like that.

Then today before coming home we quickly ducked into Ikea, and I did some reconnaissance for things I want when we do our renovation.

First some cabinets for the living room:
Living room cabinets

A random ottoman that caught my fancy (seems like dog fur would come off *fairly* easily too):
ikea ottoman

I like the look of the mini tiles as a kitchen splash back:
kitchen tiles

And the general colour-scheme, look and feel of the kitchen (big white glossy drawers *swoon*):
ikea kitchen

One day it will alllll be mine! muahahhah…