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I’m one of those people that likes to drag their birthday out for as long as possible, with numerous celebrations over a few days or a week! Last year I had a Halloween Party to celebrate my 25th, this year I didn’t have anything really planned because my parents and bestie are going to be away this weekend for bestie’s step-dad’s 60th, but I’ve still managed to coordinate 3 birthday do’s… Tonight we went to dinner at Ellacure restaurant in Bruce with my parents, JA’s parents, Katie & Pete, ChloĆ© & Scott. It was really nice, though a bit exxy for not entirely mind-blowing food (still yum though, just not amazing). I took my camera of course to take photos of everything, but the battery died after 5 minutes. ChloĆ© took this photo of me and JA though, I really like it =)
JA & Mikaela