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Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldRafa hit 9 months on the 12th July. Many people have said 8-10 months was their favourite age of their babies, and I can see why. He is AWESOME right now.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldThis month he cracked his first two teeth at the same time, top two front teeth on June 23rd. They just suddenly appeared (after a face plant the day before) without much fuss, thankfully! One of his bottom fronties is just about to poke through now. After having a gummie baby for 8 months, teeth are weird. Really weird. Very cool at the same time, but kinda gross too haha.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldThis age is so full of learning, and watching him jump ahead in leaps and bounds is amazing. We went to Phil & Beck’s place and I saw Lara opening the flaps in a Spot book (clever girl!), and I wanted Rafa to do the same. So I bought some lift-the-flap books, and what do you know, he surprised me by straight away turning the pages! Here’s little video I took on June 25, excuse my over enthusiastic “Turn the page!” commands, but I was excited 😉 And yes, he can now lift the flaps too =)

My baby is such a champ, we’ve gone to see several movies at Mum’s & Bubs/Reel Mums sessions, and he has his morning nap in the seat next to me, then plays on the floor next to me (I need one of those toddler leads now he’s mobile, so he doesn’t wander off in the dark! hehe) for the rest of the movie. It really helps to get out and about with him and not feel like I’m stuck at home.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldAfter rocking on hands and knees for a good 4/6 weeks, Rafa started crawling in the first week of July. We were egging him on for a few days, he’d taken just a couple of crawling “steps” now and then, and JA and I would be there cheering “gogogo!”. He’s not super-fast yet, but he’s moving steadily all around the place now, exploring the hallway and kitchen.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldHe’s still a fairly quiet and reserved little guy around other people, but when we’re at home by ourselves he’s a regular little chatterbox. He definitely likes his personal space, Malia was trying to play with him the other day but every time she came near his face he’d crack it!
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldI said to JA yesterday, I think every single day and moment from now is going to be just amazing. Of course there will be not-so-awesome days when he is being a terror (hopefully few and far between, fingers crossed), but just watching him grow, learn, think, and interact gives me so much joy.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldWhat an awesome kid! Being a mum rocks.