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2011 has been a pretty rad year.

Obviously the best thing ever was getting pregnant, having a fuss free pregnancy, and giving birth to my beautiful little baby monster boy.

One of my posts I came across recently from the 5th of January of this year, talked about trying to do a bit of a “365 project” on Tumblr. I thought I had completely failed at this having given up after about a week, but when I went through and counted all the photos I have posted throughout the year, I’m actually up to an impressive 265-ish! So only 100 off, and after not really trying after the first week of the project, I think that’s pretty good =) Mostly thanks to Instagram!
Mikaela instagram 2011

I also came across this post talking about my business goals for the year. I’m happy to say I pretty much completed those, and have done pretty well with my little handmade jewellery and accessories brand in 2011 =)

Also I had almost totally forgotten that I worked liked a crazy person for the first half of the year, hence the lack of blog posts from February to August! Such a contrast to finishing out the year on Maternity leave, not working at all…

So finally, here’s some highlights of my year, in post form:

Dogs on the beach
Booble & Ikea
The Pregnancy Post
Brisbane Trip
My baby shower
Welcome Baby Rafa!

Home office makeover
Mini Photo Wall
Nursery Design Reveal
Bathroom Renovation underway

Nursery Chair Covers
Baby Shower Invitations
More Baby Shower Invitations
Cloud Mobile
Fancy Burp Cloths
Baby Shower Jungle Cake
Our Christmas Tree
Christmas Ginger(Vanilla)Bread house
Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

I have a few more things to post about for 2011 including the final Bathroom reveal (though that might stretch in to the early days of 2012), Christmas Day recap, and the Living Room facelift! If I don’t get to these posts in the next 2 days though, see you on the flip side =)