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Is it too soon in my blogging career to post about something totally disgusting?


If you have a weak stomach or are easily grossed out, stop reading now.

JA has had a stomach bug of some kind for the past couple days, you know the drill, can’t eat much, frequent trips to the bathroom etc etc. All that was fine, until around midnight last night when he projectile vomited all over the walls and floor of our hallway. Now, I’m not sharing this to be gross, I’m sharing this to see if anyone else has been in this situation and had the same reaction as me… I didn’t know WHAT to do. It was EVERYWHERE. I told him to get in the shower, and I went around in circles for about 10 minutes, talking to myself, saying “WHAT DO I DO??” ahhhh…

So I opened all the windows. That was a good start. I put the air conditioner on so the house would be cool and stinky, which is slightly better than warm and stinky. Thank god for disgusting animals, I tell you what. Our 2 dogs and his mum’s dog who we were minding, helped enormously by vacuuming the worst off the carpet for me. Yes. EW. But helpful. No I didn’t encourage them, but I didn’t stop them. Ahh it’s a bit too gross from here to go into details, so I’ll just say: if this happens to you, wear rubber gloves, get lots of paper towel, a big bucket of really hot water with lots of Domestos or bleach with a wet rag and do your best.

He feels terrible about it but now I am superwoman in his eyes =P