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After revealing the nursery the other week, I promised a follow-up on all the bits and bobs, where I got stuff and how much it cost.

So here it is! I’ve broken everything down into sections, to make it easier in my own head.

Mikaela Nursery Product Info

Wall Decal – Etsy, LeoLittleLion, with shipping total cost $120, DIY installation
LampRed Berry Designs on special at Mathilda’s Markets, $40 (handmade!)
Cloud MobileDIY Project, total cost about $6 (handmade!)
Green mobileIkea Kids, $10
Elephant MirrorsScoops Design at the Handmade Markets, gift from my muma =)
Elephant LED MobileLittle Night Delights at the Southbank Markets in Brisbane, $35
Green Baby OwlPlushka’s Craft, $30 (handmade!)
Teddy Bear PlaymatBabies Direct, another gift from my lovely mum =)
Wall Flowers – Unit Concepts in Braddon (or find them online here), $40
Giraffe Growth Chart Mirror – I’ve had this since I was a little kid! No idea where it came from, sorry…

Mikaela - Nursery Overview


Carpet – Bunnings, approx $250, DIY laying
Walls – Bunnings, “Dulux Plunge”, approx $65, DIY painting
Blinds – Metal Venetians on sale at Spotlight (not the right size for the window), $45ish, DIY installation
Curtains – Spotlight eyelet curtains by the meter, 3.5m (I actually should have bought at least 6m in hindsight), $150ish (including rods etc), DIY installation
Doors & Trims – White Enamel paint from Bunnings (to go over a pink trim, we tried using water based and it sucks, stick with enamel for this), $40ish, DIY painting

Mikaela - Nursery Overview


Crib – Toys’R’Us on sale, $150 down from $400-ish originally
White bookshelf – Aussie Junk (2nd hand at the tip), DIY repainting, $5
Chest of DrawersMalm Chest from Ikea, $99
ShelvesLack Floating shelves from Ikea, $70 for 3, DIY installation
Glider – 2nd hand off GumTree.com.au for $20, DIY seat cover and new cushion, total cost $85

Mikaela Nursery Cot

So, by my calculations (which could be slightly off), this entire room cost only $1240 to complete, top to bottom. That’s pretty damn good if you ask me. Especially if you think about what it looked like before:
Mikaela Nursery Before