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As I said yesterday, today’s jobs included painting the black bookshelf, painting the wooden bookshelf, and ripping up the hallway carpets and start counter-sinking nails. Well I’ve done 2 coats of the black bookshelf, I’ll do the last coat tomorrow morning. And I managed to rip up the hallway carpet and underlay and get half of the nailed down wooden strip thingies up around the edges. Check out these photos, the one on the far right is the dirt that was sitting under the carpet and underlay, after I vacuumed not 2 days ago. yuk! I’ll be so happy to have floorboards instead of yukky pink carpet =D

Hallway, before and during the carpet rip-up

Hallway, before and during the carpet rip-up

Tomorrow’s jobs:

  • Last coat of paint on black bookshelf
  • Complete 4 design jobs – Centa Stage, Sassy, Natavia & Emma K updates
  • Visit Nandy and take down her xmas decorations, pack into box and bring home
  • Finish removing wooden strip tack thingies from hallway
  • Work on 3 design jobs – Rogue dance logo, Adele Designs website, Yumi’s look book
  • Move some furniture out of the entry and living room in preparation for ripping up more carpet

And if after all that I can be bothered:

  • Paint wooden bookshelf
  • Fix gap in turtle tank cupboard

And while I think of it, a few for Wednesday:

  • Put watering cones in driveway garden
  • Spray tree with pest spray
  • Barrow mulch onto hedge garden

Who says I’m on holidays??