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I am bad at maths. This is my disclaimer.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting a tad excited about planning our home extension, adding to our 2 bed, 1 study, 1 bathroom home: a new 2nd storey master bedroom with en suite + home office. I calculated that we would be able to re-finance our home loan in about 2 or 3 years to accomplish said extension. Erm. No. What I was planning was not going to cost $50k. More like $200k. Poop. Even if we could afford it, it would be way over capitalising on our house, which I don’t think would go up $200k in value after all the hard yakka.

After a bit of sulking, I started working on plan B. So, what is plan B? A slightly less exciting but still much-fullfilling endeavour, of making over 1 room at a time, on a budget, DIY, to increase value but more importantly increase my love of the house and the efficiency of the home. The Laundry is *almost* complete. Next on my list, is the study.

You can check out my dream home office below. But I know that with the help of companies like Office Monster, I will be able to achieve this dream in no time. I just need to find the items that will eventually turn this dream into a reality. I’ve used sites like Pinterest as inspiration too. So, if you are struggling with ideas as to how you are going to redecorate your office or any other room in your house, just know tools like Pinterest are there to give you the inspiration you need.

Unplggd Tour

More photos on Flickr

Here is a reminder of what my study looks like:
Study - left
Study - right
(but with more stuff in it, if that’s even possible).

And here is my plan of attack:

  • Paint Overhead cabinet shelving & front of cabinet doors gloss white, replace gold handles with brushed silver >> Should I also paint the bench top of the cabinets do you think?? (where the printer is)
  • Move artwork from wall beside studio desk (handmade work area) to under overhead shelving > try to keep bench top clear!
  • Paint wall beside studio desk same blue as dark wall, place large cork board for inspiration (painted white) against left wall of desk, hang large mirror on wall to reflect light around room from window
  • Replace dark pink (ew) metal venetian blinds with panel curtains from ikea (the same as what Gregory has in the dream home office)
  • Cover up pink carpet with Erslev flat rug from Ikea in Grey
  • Paint main wall white (above wine racks) and replace cute polar bears (from an old calendar) with some nice light artworks (perhaps from etsy) or some cool design prints
  • Get about a million Dröna boxes to put all my stuff in on the shelving, like stationary, cd’s, photo paper etc
  • Organise cables under desk with 2 Ikea Signum cable organisers
  • Put miscellaneous items in storage to go on “display” in new garage (Porsche poster, trophies, random toys, flags etc) >> CULL CULL CULL

Near future:

  • Rip out built in wine racks that we will never ever use and replace with Ikea Expedit 4×4. Unfortunately when they were built in, the carpet was put in afterward, so when we rip them out, there will be a big rectangle of carpet missing from the room. This is a good excuse to get new carpet though, as the pink salmon carpet does not go with my aesthetic (read: I hate it).
  • Get a new small flat screen TV to put on top of expedit bookshelf to replace old little (but bulky) analogue tv

I think after even 2 or 3 of the main things get done, the room will be a million times better, and I won’t be so sad that I can’t build my own home office and studio exactly how I want.