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My main aims for my Home Office were to reduce the clutter and update the early 90’s colour scheme (the pink carpet continues to hurt my brain).

Here is my pretty Office, almost finished:

Considering the “before”, I’m pretty happy!

A little list of still-to-do’s:

  • Second coat of enamel on trims
  • Paint door glossy white enamel
  • Paint wall around window
  • Paint window trims
  • Finish painting wall where wine cabinet was
  • Small strip shelf along plain wall (fix artwork)
  • Replace handles in cabinet doors & drawers
  • New sisal rugs to replace 3 on floor
  • New small flat screen TV to replace little chunky teac
  • Paint JA’s shelving

The before and afters!

The venetian blinds are a dark pinky-orange colour, so I got some panel curtains from Ikea in this awesome pattern (as seen in my dream office) to filter the light but also brighten up the room at night.

I painted the small strip of wall under the built in shelving a lovely dark blue (Jet by Nippon), and did the 2 main walls in a dusky blue-grey (Knowledge by British Paints, this came out more blue and less grey than I wanted, but it’s still nice)

The room has a built in desk, cabinets and shelves, and this long wine rack cabinet taking up one entire wall. We don’t drink wine, at all, so although I’m sure it cost a mint to install, it was completely useless to us. So out they went! Dan from work helped me take them out – he’s a gem, any single ladies out there? =P

The carpet had to go. Only two rooms in our home were still covered in this horrible salmon coloured carpet (this and our bedroom!), where it used to cover 90% of the house. I decided I would take it up as soon as the wine cabinets were gone, as I knew it had been laid around them, so I ripped it all up in about 1.5 hours, including the underlay and tack strips. An hour later it was painted white, and the following afternoon I started moving things back into the room.

1. I spilled a can of paint on the carpet; 2. Cabinets gone; 3. Past the point of no return; 4. Tack Strips; 5 & 6. Painting the edges; 7. Tea break; 8. White floors!

I took everything out of the cabinets and reorganised everything, so I could declutter, chuck some junk out, and actually use the cabinets for storing things I use regularly, instead of things “I might need later”. I also reorganised my drawer next to my computer!

Here’s some more “after” pics, a little room tour, if you will =)

1. Acorn Pin holder; 2. Ikea organisers; 3. DIY pinborads; 4. Collection of pretty things; 5. To Do list; 6. Turtle paperclip holder; 7. Kikki K Weekly Planner; 8. Tidy Work Bench

Let me know what you think! =D