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I apologise in advance for these terrible photos of my latest pretty-much-but-not-quite completed project.

We inherited double and single seater couches from JA’s parents when we first moved out of home. They were really good quality and super comfy, but I wanted to upgrade to a bigger couch, so we recently passed the double seater on to Miri. We kept the single seater, and it has been sitting in our spare room, acting as a part time dog bed when Girds has had enough of us.

As part of the spare room makeover (an on going project of about a million months), I have replaced the salmon coloured carpet with a chocolate colour, and am planning to paint 2 of the walls a deep turquoise. I know this will make the room quite dark, so have a few plans in place to make sure it’s not too drab. The curtains will cover one whole wall, and will be white from floor to ceiling. The wardrobe doors also cover another wall, and they will also be white. Any furniture we buy will be white (I already painted a small wooden bookshelf from Aussie Junk white to match in), and I have my eye on a really nice shaggy white rug from freedom for the floor, which will cover about half of the room.

I wanted to keep the single seat couch because it’s so comfortable (for future baby feeding and what-not), but it was a deep blue colour, which would be too dark with the carpet and walls. So I decided to re-cover it, using a nice pale grey fabric with a light pattern running through it. After “finishing” it I’m not 100% happy (it’s quite wonky in places as you can see) so I’m going to make throw-over arm and head rest covers, to make the wonky stitching less obvious.

I think it will be great once the rest of the room comes together!

DIY Chair - Before

DIY Chair - After