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I posted about the Goose & Gander idea / brand / creations a couple of days ago, and I am still working on completing the other character canvases, but I have made some progress for the brand itself! I’ve sent away for a sample swatch of fabric from Spoonflower, which will take a couple of weeks to arrive, but I’m still excited. I plan to design fabric patterns featuring the Goose & Gander products, and sell them at the markets along with all the other goodies. I want to get a few different swatches and quotes though, does anyone know of a good fabric printing house, either in Australia or abroad that is fairly affordable?

Tonight I’ve also been busy gluing together bits and pieces to make magnets for my Mikaela Handmade stuff, which is really just a collection of handmade buttons, magnets, paintings and fabric designs that don’t fit into any of the other little side businesses I’m running. Sometimes I think I’ve got too many separate things happening, but I suppose they all come under one roof really, they’re just a series of “collections”.

I’ll be updating soon with my drawer organiser project which I posted about earlier, as the first one is nearly finished, and it fills two needs which is great. I’m hoping to get lots done over the weekend and take lots of photos, so stay tuned!