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Because the Christmas Markets last month went so well for me, I treated myself to a brand-spanking-new Silhouette Cameo cutting machine.
Mikaela Silhouette Cameo

This thing is AMAZING. Think laser cutter, but for paper, cardboard, vinyl etc. It has a tiny blade, and will cut your designs from the computer. These are really popular among scrapbookers, but my main incentive to buy was the fact I could cut my designs from paper or fabric and apply to my bamboo or acrylic pieces.
Mikaela Silhouette Cameo

Little did I know how inspiring this thing would be, the moment I turned it on!

To give you an idea of just some of the things you could make with this machine, here are some examples from other people:
Mikaela silhouette cameo examples
1. Gift Wrapping – Callaloo Soup
2. & 3. Glass Etching, T-Shirt stencil – www.makeit-loveit.com
4.Kids party decorations – Happy Life Crafty Wife

But really, the possibilities seem endless!

I’m working on a quick little DIY project right now that I’ll post as soon as I’ve finished, something to help husband remember to take his phone, keys, wallet, lunch etc in the morning.

And of course my first test cut was the baby’s name ❤
Mikaela Silhouette Cameo
Which I will put in a frame and add to another house idea for the hallway!

So, along with the Cameo inspiring me, I’ve been following Allison Waken’s blog and really love what she’s been doing with her photos lately, collating them in a fun way as memories to keep. She is planning to do a scrapbook featuring something from every day of her family’s life this year! That’s probably a bit too full on for me, so I’ve decided to try and chronicle each month. I’ve bought the Project Life kit and protective sleeves (along with some generic sleeves) and plan to use the Cameo to cut out labels, shapes and words to use in the scrap book. Hopefully each month I will be able to share what I’ve put together for my own Project Life =)

Wish me luck!