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This weekend past I trekked up to Sydney to hold a stall at the Mathilda’s Markets in Lane Cove. It was such a lovely day outside!

Lane Cove view

We were set up in the gym at St Ignacious College, which was a great location and had big crowds of people come through. Successful day for me? Well, no. Actually it was a total bust. I came out with a loss, after the stall application fee and the drive up there/time etc etc… BUT. I refuse to get discouraged! I know it was because my products were for the wrong age group for the people coming through. 50% of the women there were pregnant, and the other 50% had prams with babies or toddlers. The products I took up were magnets and badges… sharp pins + babies = no. Every parent who came up with a a kid 3+ years, bought something. These kids loved my stuff! But I now know I need to target the parents, not the kids.

So I will use this as a learning experience and make sure I have more parent-style-friendly stuff for the Canberra market, including larger canvas paintings in soft neutral colours (I had already started some of these but didn’t take them with me) and some customisable wall art also.
My Stall at the Lane Cove Market

tub chairLuckily the weekend wasn’t a total loss, as after the markets finished at 1pm I went to Ikea =) I love Ikea. I had to steady myself a few times in the crowds though, remind myself I didn’t need to get out GET OUT of a swarm of people, I could just go with the flow (I’m not good in crowds). I bought some curtain panels, fabric, a mirror, door knobs and some hanging storage for my Home Office Makeover (which will hopefully happen next weekend). I also bought a small tub chair to go in the living room (which looks tiny next to the big lounge chair) and a lovely soft sheepskin to eventually go in the spare room, but for now it’s on the new chair. Bella likes it very much.