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Today was Fash ‘n’ Treasure market day, out at Kingston. After getting everything ready last night (including ironing my table covers til midnight) I got up this morning and packed the car in the rain, drove to Kingston in the down-pour, then unpacked all my stuff whilst the sky dumped buckets of water down upon me. My shoes aren’t water proof. Luckily I had thought to take a spray jacket to do my unpacking, but I still had wet feet for about 3 hours until John’s dad (very kindly) brought me some new socks and shoes. My lovely Miri came to keep me company for the last couple of hours, and minded the stall while I went and had a good look around. I scored some bargains too! Will have to post about them tomorrow when I have a few more cohesive thought patterns after some sleep.

Here are piccies of my stall! I was really pleased with my setup =)