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On Christmas Eve I tried my hand at some salt dough ornaments, inspired by this picture on Pinterest. Suffice to say, mine didn’t turn out as nice as that! They are still cute though.

You only need 3 ingredients, salt, plain flour and warm water. Mix them all together to make a dough, roll it out, cut out some shapes and bake for a couple of hours on a low heat. Easy as that!
Mikaela Christmas Ornaments cutouts

I’m not sure why but mine didn’t turn out looking like gorgeous porcelain like the example. JA opened the oven and thought I was baking him some cookies, and they definitely turned out more cookie looking than ceramic looking.
Mikaela Christmas Ornaments baking

Mikaela Christmas Ornaments

I spray painted them white and added a bit of paper twine with red and green Christmassy beads.

Mikaela Christmas Ornaments

They turned out pretty cute (and quite “handmade” looking), but for a quick and easy Christmas craft I think they were a success =)