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As promised, here are Girds’ and Harley’s new doggie beds! The reason I decided to make these is because their current beds are lumpy, big oofy pillows, with blankets on top. They take up far too much room in our bedroom, aren’t very portable, and are hard to wash. These beds, however, are the opposite of all those things!

The project comes from the January issue of Martha Stewart magazine (I have a subscription that gets shipped to JA’s dad’s US PO Box here in Canberra). It’s a really simple project, and the dogs love them! All you need to do it get two cheap towels (or use old towels, I bought new ones to match their fur colour so the shedding would be less noticeable), some wadding, sew the towels together with the wadding in between and then put some thread though and knot it so the wadding stays in place when you wash them.

Pooch to go

Towel for doggie bed

Wadding for doggie bed

Sewing doggie bed


Girds loves his new bed, DIY project = WIN!

Girds on his bed