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My blog was down for about 3 or 4 days just now, did you notice? I host about 40 domains on my account with 1and1.com, and have just recently installed wordpress on two others besides this one. I guess the server didn’t like that, so it came up with an Internal Server Error 500 for awhile. I did try to contact 1and1 about it (I *just* received a reply from them, more than 2 days later. In internet land that’s like a month right?), but as they were taking their sweet ass time getting back to me, I went and ordered hosting from bluehost.com instead and have migrated this site to them. So far so good, and I think eventually I will probably move all 40 domains to them. Sigh.

I did have a few hiccups migrating, as I couldn’t log in to my wordpress admin at all, I couldn’t export all my posts etc that way, so once I’d moved everything and re-installed WP I found all my posts were gone. I thought for about a minute that they were lost forever (almost had a minor tantrum) but then I thought there had to be another way of exporting the data, and luckily the interwebs helped me work out how to do it. SO… phew. We are back online and still intact.