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(I’m posting this a month late, and will be doing his 11 months post right after this one!)

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly Photos

I take a lot of photos throughout the month of everything that is happening in our lives, and I try to then put them all in my project life album once I get them printed. The problem is though, if it’s been a month or so since taking them, I can’t always remember what the occasion or specific moment was that I wanted to record. So I have an account with OhLife, which is an awesome little free service where they send you an email every evening, asking you how your day was. You write a quick line or two about what happened that day, if there was anything great or momentous, and it all gets saved in your private OhLife account. You can then log in later and read back over what happened on specific dates. I then match these up with the photos I’ve taken on that date, and everything is then in the right order and makes sense in my album! I highly recommend it =)

I’m posting a few little excerpts below of what I’ve written about Rafa ♥

  • July 15th : Rafa’s bottom left baby tooth is poking through. Took his 9 month photos yesterday, 2 days late. This morning he mumbled something suspiciously like “tickle” which was awesome. Probably a fluke though 😉
  • July 19th : Rafa is definitely pressing the buttons on his mobiles phone intentionally now, so cute!
  • July 23rd : First day back at work! It was really good. And Rafa is clapping and playing peek-a-boo by himself now, it’s awesome.
  • July 24th : Rafa was saying “diggle diggle diggle” all morning and afternoon =D
  • July 30th : Rafa is learning to brush his teeth, it is very cute and so far so good!

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly Photos

  • August 3rd : Rafa seems to be teething again, a bit cranky, not sleeping/napping well and very hungry all the time! He is also kneeling now and starting to pull up on things.
  • August 8th : Rafa is the. BEST. BABY. in the whole world. He is pulling up on absolutely everything now and just wants to stand up all day!
  • August 11th : Went to swimming today and took some more videos of both babies =)

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly PhotosHe also makes this hilarious squinty-smiley face, all the time. So, so funny.

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly PhotosHe loves to sit and “read” his Spot books, upside-down and backwards of course, but he’ll sit there for a good 10-15 minutes flipping the pages back and forth. Super smart boy 😉