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Baby Updates

| Introducing Baby Raf! |

“Rafael Danvers Del Castillo was born on Wednesday 12th October at 10.45pm weighing 4.29kg, after a drug free, natural 6-9 hour labour (depending on who you talk to)…” Read my full post here {click}

| Photos of Baby Raf|
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| 5 days till due date |
“Sleepless in Ohio. Ohio? I don’t know. I’m tired. But awake. It’s annoying…” Read my (slightly delusional) full post here {click}.

| 37 weeks |

“So, give or take up to 2 weeks, I’ve got about 3 weeks to go…” Read my full post here {click}

| 33 weeks |

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto. But we are definitely in the final count-down, 7 weeks to go. Only one week left at work (people keep asking me why I’m having so much time off beforehand “Don’t you want to spend more time with the baby once he comes??”. Erm. How do I put this subtly. I’m going to have 8 months one-on-one with the little munchkin, where he will probably be barfing, pooing, crying or feeding for the majority of that time. I think having 6 weeks to myself first is a splendid idea. That, and, I actually run a business. I need time to get that sorted so the first 3 months of his life don’t kill my little brand. But I am SO looking forward to meeting him, as is his daddy =D

| My Baby Shower |
Read my post about my fabulous baby shower here {click}

| 31 weeks |

“31 weeks today, only 9 to go. The baby officially starting kicking my ass last night…” Read my full post here {click}

| 27 weeks |

I think we’re into the third trimester now! Never really sure about the maths on these things… Everything is trundling along, this little monkey is kicking the crap out of me, but it doesn’t hurt (yet) so it’s all good =) On school holidays right now, I go back in one week and then only have 6 weeks left until I start maternity leave! I think that will be pretty fabulous =D

| 24 weeks |

We’ve had a show or two put on by our little kicker, seeing my belly move from the outside is a weird, weird thing indeed. Very cool though =) I’ll be starting Yoga at the end of July, and will hopefully start doing some swimming in the next couple of weeks also. Only about 16 weeks left to go!

| 21 weeks |

Things are staring to happen now! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling very very slight movements, not strong enough to admit they are “kicks” but enough to know that kid is getting comfortable in there. But in the last week I’ve had a lot more movement and definite kicks that can be felt on the outside also. Which is pretty cool =)

Estimated Due Date



14th October 2011

Calvary Private


Scans & Appts

@ 6 weeks
Saw little blob

@11.5 weeks
Saw wriggly little alien

@16.5 weeks
Listened to heartbeat on doppler

@19 weeks
Saw every inch of baby, we’re having a boy!

@21 weeks
7th June with OB
love that whoop-whoop heartbeat

@26 weeks
Check-in with OB, everything is good

Belly Pics

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Nursery Design

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Scan Pics

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