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About Mikaela



I am a designer, small business owner, creative entrepreneur, photographer, teacher, homeowner, wifey and muma. My passions (besides design and photography) include Food, Sport, Landscaping and Renovating, and fun DIY & Crafty projects. I am madly in love, with my family, my fur-kids, and life in general.

I am the founder of The Makers’ Collective (formerly Canberra Creatives), which is now my full-time occupation. You can read all about what we do on the website, and also get advice, tips, encouragement and support in your small business adventures.

I’m into photos. Not just professional photography, but snapshots of random events. I love that these images are documenting a time in our lives, be it happy or sad, for us to look over later and remember that moment. So Instagram was pretty much made just for me 😉

I’m also into creating. All sorts of things. Since I was little I’ve always loved making things, building stuff, painting, crafting, sewing, drawing, writing.. This is definitely my area of creativity, since I am severely lacking in any kind of musical, singing or dancing talents.

My blog is about the things I love to do, when I can find the time to do them, and serves as a photographic journal of day-to-day happenings.