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to-do list : TEA PARTIES

As part of my to-do list, I want to host 12 afternoon teas, in the next 1001 days (starting in October 2009 and finishing in July 2012). The reason I’ve put this on my to-do list is because it’s quite hard these days to get everyone together for a good catch up, and afternoon tea’s are fun and YUMMY. I’m going to try and have each one raise some money for a charity.

So starting from October 2009, these are the tea parties I’ve hosted, with a brief overview.

1. Girls Night In Breast Cancer Awareness
Oh gosh. This was a disaster. I picked a date, and invited around 12 friends. Unfortunately people kept dropping off the radar left and right, and in the end only 3 people attended, myself, my mum, and Maureen, my mum’s friend! Each person who declined had in their mind it was a very casual affair and that there would be lots and lots of people, so they wouldn’t be missed! BUT, the reason I’m still putting it up here (and not hiding in shame) is because those who declined still donated to the cause, and we raised over $120 =)

2. Afternoon Tea for the Cancer Council
Well, this is what a tea party is supposed to be! We had a really great afternoon, with lots of different teas on offer, plus yummy scrumptious treats to eat and of course great company. Many important ladies in my life came and socialised, and we raised $90 for the cancer council. Katie and Miri helped generously before everyone arrived, so thank you girls! Read more about the afternoon here.

3. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Cancer Awareness
For the Australian Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea I invited over some colleagues from work, along with my mum, dad and Nandy, and a couple of close friends. We had several different types of tea, freshly homemade scones and muffins, and quiche. We raised $110 for the Cancer Council =) Afterward I had some yummy scones and muffins left over which I was looking forward to having for dessert later that night, but alas, I thought I had put them away but hadn’t, and the doggies had a little feast instead.

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