A beachy weekend

A beachy weekend

Last weekend we got up at O-dark-thirty to get JA to the bus station to go pick up his car from Sydney. Raf and I kept going and went down the coast, and JA eventually met us there later in the afternoon. We only had one night there with our lovely friends, but it was glorious to put our toes in the sand and duck our heads under the waves. I love the ocean.

Stretching out legs in Braidwood, aka run away from mummy as fast as I possibly can


Gloomy but wonderful

Buddies on the beach


Practicing his surfing technique

Check out those curls… Don’t get to see them too often in my pics because they’re only at the back ;)

Favourite everything

Last one… Having withdrawals already *sigh*

Open Garden & Inspiration

Open Garden & Inspiration

Mum and I visited a lovely open garden inCanberra on the weekend. It was owned by an older retired couple, who have lived there for 43 years! So they have about 40 years on me and my garden, but I was still so envious. The style of their garden was not totally on par with mine, but I’ve taken away several things to use as inspiration for when I can finally get outside and get things happening in my own garden.
I want slate (?) stepping stones with gravel and mondo grass outside the back door to the left, leading up to the vegetable garden.
I love the look of small trees in big pots! I think this would be a great way to continue the japanese maple theme from the front yard into the back, as a dividing marker between the future undercover pergola and the grassed area.
The use of mirrors on garden cabinets (instead of a cluttered shed) will reflect greenery and add depth, not sure where though…
Our front landing is quite a big area, and ferns would grow quite well there I think (sheltered).
Again, love the mondo grass here. I am also planning on putting a large pot to make a small water feature out the front, with water lilies and other water plants.
I loved the extra touches in the garden, and we could definitely have some hanging plants or a fernery type area under the future pergola, to bring some greenery to the space.
The solid garden edging definitely made the garden look really neat and tidy, where as our front garden looks a bit bedraggled with it’s hodge-podge edging, and it’s hard to whipper-snipper the grass properly. Something like this (in this colour to match the future new colourbond roof) would work really well along the front.
I really like this mass of succulents!! I’m not sure where we could have something similar, I’d have to research a bit more the ideal conditions for this type of succulent.
Somewhere to sit! Always important ;)
I’d like to plant more medium sized bushes along the front garden, with smaller flowering plants in front of them. Hopefully I can find a range of plants that flower at different times of the year so there’s a bit of colour all year round.

My plans are many and varied, I wish it could all happen in the blink of an eye!

{Point & Shoot} Making Headbands

{Point & Shoot} Making Headbands

Yesterday I felt bored and unsettled, unproductive and lazy. Yuk. I knew the only way the remedy the situation was to make a list of things to do, get off my butt and do them. So I re-potted a plant, I baked some brownies, sewed some nappy boosters, and started making headbands for next weekends market.

I felt much much better by the afternoon =)

Today I need to finish designing Issue 6 of *bespoke* zine, upload a gallery to a client website, call the blinds people and organise installation (yay!), clear off the dining table, and make Potato Bake for dinner (YUM). I mght try watch a movie this arvo when Rafa goes down for his afternoon nap too, it’s very rainy, perfect movie weather =)

Join in the Point and Shoot fun over at Sunny + Scout.

My Baby Shower

My Baby Shower

Mikaela - Baby Shower Bunting

*contented sigh*

What a fabulous weekend! It had a number of things going for it. #1, the weather is becoming perfect. Sunny, breezy, Spring time weather is my absolute favourite, I always feel like I can do anything in this kind of weather. #2, Friday and Saturday was spent shopping, baking and crafting, getting ready for my baby shower. #3, the party itself was so great, we are extremely lucky to have such wonderful family and friends to share this time with, and we were really really spoiled (did I mention how lucky I am??). #4, a lazy Sunday of no plans, with a bit of tidying up (made easier by the fact that mum, mum-in-law Susan, Aunty Anne and Katie were absolute champions the night before and cleaned up almost everything for me), a yummy lunch, and couch time with JA, followed by an easy take away dinner… ahhhh

*another contented sigh*

Mikaela - Baby Shower Fresh Flowers

I’m terrifically knackered now though. I think I may have climbed up onto our dining table a few too many times to put up and take down decorations, and my hips/pelvis/back are officially quite angry with me. But it was well worth it =)

Mikaela - Baby Shower Decorations

My best friend Chloé and my mum Sally were the official Hostesses with the mostesses, and they, along with my mum-in-law Susan and Sister-in-law Katie, and good friend Summer, came over a few hours before Go Time to help put up decorations, sort out game prizes and prepare food. I kind of found out during this process that I’m actually a bit of a control freak and did find it hard to just let everyone do their thing, but I’m so glad I did because they were all amazing and everything turned out perfectly =)

Mikaela - Baby Shower

My big project for the party was to make some fancy cupcakes, and I was really pleased with how they turned out! I got the recipes for the cupcakes and the frosting from Glorious Treats (such a great site), and even though JA reckons they look like Unicorn Poo, I love them! I did mini cupcakes and made about 40, and they were all gone by the end of the night so they must have been alright =D

Mikaela - Baby Shower Cupcakes

Mikaela - Baby Shower Cupcakes

We started the shower with the girls at 4pm while all the guys went go-karting, and had lots of different yummy treats to eat, as well and tea, coffee, punch and champagne.

Mikaela - Baby Shower Teacups

Mikaela - Baby Shower Tea & Coffee

Mikaela - Baby Shower Drinks Station

Then afterwards when the boys arrived we had a joint bbq with snags, mince patties, steaks and delicious salads. There was a perfect amount of food for everyone (love it when that happens!) and the Wallabies even won the Tri-Nations to top off a great night! Once again, I have to say how grateful I am to have such wonder, loving, supportive and helpful people around us, so willing to firstly share in this celebration with us, but then also turn around after a long day and wash my grill!!! (Aunty Anne, you’re the best)

So thank you, thank you, to everyone =D xxx

Mikaela - Baby Shower Cupcakes

A day on the lake, take 2

A day on the lake, take 2

Saturday afternoon we went out with Chloé and Scott to lake Goodhope (near Yass) again for some watery goodness. Fun times! I forgot my big lens again, so only a far-away photo was taken to share:

on the water
JA and Scott wrestle for prime posi

The sky was threatening to unleash all day:
storm brewing

But luckily we only got a few drops:
rain droplets

My toes were happy:
happy toes

As was the rest of me!

What did you do on the weekend? Hope it was fun =)