2012 in review.

It’s been a very emotional year.

I’ve watched my baby boy grow up so much, pass all the usual milestones and jump ahead in leaps and bounds, he’s such a clever little engineer (still yet to say a word though!). We are so lucky to have him and are amazed that we created him.

We were also devastated by the loss of JA’s dad Frank, in October. We continue to miss him every day, and all I can say is thank goodness for Rafael and his cousin Malia, putting smiles on our sad faces every day.

This is an extremely image heavy post, but it brings joy to my heart to see my little Rafa and remember all the great things we did this year.

(Images are in reverse order from December back to January)
IMG_8963 IMG_8962 IMG_8961 IMG_8943 IMG_8931 IMG_8913 IMG_8909 IMG_8901 IMG_8876 IMG_8875 IMG_8844 IMG_8823 IMG_8817 IMG_8815 IMG_8785 IMG_8784 IMG_8768 IMG_8741 IMG_8645 IMG_8580 IMG_8566 IMG_8525 IMG_8434 IMG_8427 IMG_8416 IMG_8328 IMG_8304 IMG_8246 IMG_7931 IMG_7915 IMG_7779 IMG_7749 IMG_7712 IMG_0082 IMG_7686 IMG_7674 IMG_7589 IMG_7573 IMG_7403 IMG_7402 IMG_7401 IMG_7400 IMG_7307 IMG_7171 IMG_7164 IMG_7162 IMG_7109 IMG_7034 IMG_6988 IMG_6681 IMG_6638 IMG_6614 IMG_6544 IMG_6515 IMG_6417 IMG_6303 IMG_6285 IMG_6252 IMG_6229 IMG_6109 IMG_6080 IMG_5964 IMG_5808 IMG_5797 IMG_5700 IMG_5674 IMG_5580 IMG_5411 IMG_5265 IMG_5241 IMG_5171 IMG_5098 IMG_4961 IMG_4867 IMG_4857 IMG_4799 IMG_4793 IMG_4775 IMG_4772 IMG_4707 IMG_4692 IMG_4409 IMG_4307 IMG_4229 IMG_4217 IMG_4132 IMG_4111 IMG_4014 IMG_3836 IMG_3583 IMG_3519 IMG_3517 IMG_3495

Rafa’s First Birthday Party | Sneak Peek

I started planning Rafael’s birthday party when he was around 2 months old, no joke. I LOVE planning parties, and having a kid is just about the best excuse ever to throw an awesomely decorated party =)

I went with an “Under the Sea” theme, and here is a sneak peek of the lead up to the big day.

Party post coming soon!

11 months old

My heart simply swelled whilst editing these photos. My boy is so handsome and sweet ♥
Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos BabyRafa is now clapping on command, almost saying “muma” when he is upset, standing quite steadily holding on to things, crawling very fast and just generally being the best thing ever invented.
Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos BabyChatting to Sarzi on his Teddy Mat, he’s almost too big for it now!
Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos BabyClapping clapping clapping! Usually with a big smile, but not this time ;)
Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos BabyRafa LOVES opening and closing doors, he thinks it’s a real treat. There’s been a few tears with squooshed fingers under a door, or many tears when he closes the door shut and can’t open it again!
Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos BabyAnd his doggies adore him!Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos Baby
Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos BabyHe’s getting the hang of walking around, and holds on so very tight to our fingers, I love it XD
Mikaela Rafael Monthly Photos BabyThank you to Sarzi for taking this nice photo! ♥

10 Months Old

(I’m posting this a month late, and will be doing his 11 months post right after this one!)

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly Photos

I take a lot of photos throughout the month of everything that is happening in our lives, and I try to then put them all in my project life album once I get them printed. The problem is though, if it’s been a month or so since taking them, I can’t always remember what the occasion or specific moment was that I wanted to record. So I have an account with OhLife, which is an awesome little free service where they send you an email every evening, asking you how your day was. You write a quick line or two about what happened that day, if there was anything great or momentous, and it all gets saved in your private OhLife account. You can then log in later and read back over what happened on specific dates. I then match these up with the photos I’ve taken on that date, and everything is then in the right order and makes sense in my album! I highly recommend it =)

I’m posting a few little excerpts below of what I’ve written about Rafa ♥

  • July 15th : Rafa’s bottom left baby tooth is poking through. Took his 9 month photos yesterday, 2 days late. This morning he mumbled something suspiciously like “tickle” which was awesome. Probably a fluke though ;)
  • July 19th : Rafa is definitely pressing the buttons on his mobiles phone intentionally now, so cute!
  • July 23rd : First day back at work! It was really good. And Rafa is clapping and playing peek-a-boo by himself now, it’s awesome.
  • July 24th : Rafa was saying “diggle diggle diggle” all morning and afternoon =D
  • July 30th : Rafa is learning to brush his teeth, it is very cute and so far so good!

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly Photos

  • August 3rd : Rafa seems to be teething again, a bit cranky, not sleeping/napping well and very hungry all the time! He is also kneeling now and starting to pull up on things.
  • August 8th : Rafa is the. BEST. BABY. in the whole world. He is pulling up on absolutely everything now and just wants to stand up all day!
  • August 11th : Went to swimming today and took some more videos of both babies =)

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly PhotosHe also makes this hilarious squinty-smiley face, all the time. So, so funny.

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly PhotosHe loves to sit and “read” his Spot books, upside-down and backwards of course, but he’ll sit there for a good 10-15 minutes flipping the pages back and forth. Super smart boy ;)

9 Months Old

Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldRafa hit 9 months on the 12th July. Many people have said 8-10 months was their favourite age of their babies, and I can see why. He is AWESOME right now.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldThis month he cracked his first two teeth at the same time, top two front teeth on June 23rd. They just suddenly appeared (after a face plant the day before) without much fuss, thankfully! One of his bottom fronties is just about to poke through now. After having a gummie baby for 8 months, teeth are weird. Really weird. Very cool at the same time, but kinda gross too haha.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldThis age is so full of learning, and watching him jump ahead in leaps and bounds is amazing. We went to Phil & Beck’s place and I saw Lara opening the flaps in a Spot book (clever girl!), and I wanted Rafa to do the same. So I bought some lift-the-flap books, and what do you know, he surprised me by straight away turning the pages! Here’s little video I took on June 25, excuse my over enthusiastic “Turn the page!” commands, but I was excited ;) And yes, he can now lift the flaps too =)

My baby is such a champ, we’ve gone to see several movies at Mum’s & Bubs/Reel Mums sessions, and he has his morning nap in the seat next to me, then plays on the floor next to me (I need one of those toddler leads now he’s mobile, so he doesn’t wander off in the dark! hehe) for the rest of the movie. It really helps to get out and about with him and not feel like I’m stuck at home.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldAfter rocking on hands and knees for a good 4/6 weeks, Rafa started crawling in the first week of July. We were egging him on for a few days, he’d taken just a couple of crawling “steps” now and then, and JA and I would be there cheering “gogogo!”. He’s not super-fast yet, but he’s moving steadily all around the place now, exploring the hallway and kitchen.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldHe’s still a fairly quiet and reserved little guy around other people, but when we’re at home by ourselves he’s a regular little chatterbox. He definitely likes his personal space, Malia was trying to play with him the other day but every time she came near his face he’d crack it!
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldI said to JA yesterday, I think every single day and moment from now is going to be just amazing. Of course there will be not-so-awesome days when he is being a terror (hopefully few and far between, fingers crossed), but just watching him grow, learn, think, and interact gives me so much joy.
Mikaela Rafa 9 Months oldWhat an awesome kid! Being a mum rocks.

8 Months Old

Mikaela Rafa 8 months old
Our little bubba is growing into a cute little boy!
Mikaela Rafa 8 months oldAt swimming he is now going right under the water, he closes his eyes and mouth before getting dunked (most of the time). A few weeks ago the babies went down a slide (with the instructors help) into the water, and I was uncoordinated and basically dropped him under the water hehe, poor bubba! He was fine though =)
Mikaela Rafa 8 months old
Rafa’s favourite toys right now are his colourful block shapes & bucket, his puzzle, and most of all, the purple bouncy ball. He loves that thing! We play rolling, catching, basketball and soccer with it (the baby versions of course). He likes eating the bumps ;)
Mikaela Rafa 8 months oldHe’s getting quite animated now, pulling a hilarious squinty face (haven’t caught it on camera yet) whilst smiling, it is so funny. We’ve worked out some new games, he loves lying on my tummy and getting his legs lifted above him, and also going on my legs up in the air as an aeroplane.

He is also playing with his cousin Malia a lot more, and they are SO cute together XD They steal each others toys and dummies, have little baby chats to each other, and Malia is always trying to grab hold of him and engage him, it’s so fun to watch.

♥ Being a mum is awesome ♥

7 Months Old

At the end of Raf’s 7th month, he is sitting up by himself and playing for 20-30 minutes at a time, and really rolling to get around the room. Still no crawling or commando crawls, but we’re fine with that! I think it will probably happen soon, and we’ll have to baby proof the house.
Mikaela Rafa baby 7 months old It was quite tricky getting his photo on the bear rug this time, he wouldn’t lie still, just wanted to roll around!
Mikaela Rafa baby 7 months oldMikaela Rafa baby 7 months old
In the last week he has started chewing, which is a bit exciting. Not for anyone else on this earth, but for me it is ;)Mikaela Rafa baby 7 months old
Mikaela Rafa baby 7 months oldSuch a happy little boy *sigh* Mikaela Rafa baby 7 months oldMikaela Rafa baby 7 months oldMikaela Rafa baby 7 months old

6 Months Old

Rafael is 6 months old this month. We’re loving every minute of it ;)

This month Raf has started reaching out for things (like our faces and his Kitty and Doggies ♥), sitting up for longer periods of time, he is hammering the “solid” food (more like mushy foods), lots of tummy time and some rolling but no big moves towards crawling yet (phew!).

He gave us his first real laughs on April 1st, no fooling ;) It was the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

He can hold himself in a standing position for short amounts of time, he looks like a little boy when he does!

This past weekend he graduated from Aqua Bubbas, and is moving up to Perri Winkles next term XD He got a little certificate for it too, so silly but it makes my heart swell!

He’s also geting quite good at holding the bottle when I give him one, and today he accidentally did his first drawing! haha I’m going to frame it.