Video Blog – Home Office “tour”

I made a goofy video today of me talking about my study/home office. You’ll never guess it wasn’t scripted! Un-showered, no makeup and messy hair, that’s how I roll. There’s a couple of points where you think it may be over, but then I keep blabbing on about the walls or something. If you watch til the end you’ll be rewarded with a mini interpretive dance scene! Good times…

Untitled from Mikaela Danvers on Vimeo.

DIY Pencil Organiser for the tidy Home Office

DIY Pencil Organiser for the tidy Home Office

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any small DIY’s, and that’s because it’s been awhile since I’ve done one! Funny about that… ahem. Anyway. Here goes! (On a scale of 1-5 of hardness this DIY rates “It’s so easy my 2 year old could help, and maybe even do it better than me”)

Since my Home Office is now awesomely lovely, and I had an empty Biscotti tin and some pretty fabric, I thought I might make a cute pencil tin to keep my desk tidy!

Step 1. Find yourself a tin.
DIY Pencil Tin

Step 2. Find some pretty fabric scraps, big enough to go around the tin twice
fabric scraps

Step 3. Give it a good coat of Mod Podge or similar gluey type stuff, and wrap your fabric around the tin, smoothing it down as you go (go around the tin twice to make sure the tin graphics don’t show through the fabric). Tape the fabric over the top lip of the tin and inside with some duct tape.
modpodge your tin

Step 4. Tada! You’re done. That was easy right? Now go do one yourself and show me how you went!
DIY pencil tin finished

Home Office Makeover {before & after}

Home Office Makeover {before & after}

My main aims for my Home Office were to reduce the clutter and update the early 90’s colour scheme (the pink carpet continues to hurt my brain).

Here is my pretty Office, almost finished:

Considering the “before”, I’m pretty happy!

A little list of still-to-do’s:

  • Second coat of enamel on trims
  • Paint door glossy white enamel
  • Paint wall around window
  • Paint window trims
  • Finish painting wall where wine cabinet was
  • Small strip shelf along plain wall (fix artwork)
  • Replace handles in cabinet doors & drawers
  • New sisal rugs to replace 3 on floor
  • New small flat screen TV to replace little chunky teac
  • Paint JA’s shelving

The before and afters!

The venetian blinds are a dark pinky-orange colour, so I got some panel curtains from Ikea in this awesome pattern (as seen in my dream office) to filter the light but also brighten up the room at night.

I painted the small strip of wall under the built in shelving a lovely dark blue (Jet by Nippon), and did the 2 main walls in a dusky blue-grey (Knowledge by British Paints, this came out more blue and less grey than I wanted, but it’s still nice)

The room has a built in desk, cabinets and shelves, and this long wine rack cabinet taking up one entire wall. We don’t drink wine, at all, so although I’m sure it cost a mint to install, it was completely useless to us. So out they went! Dan from work helped me take them out – he’s a gem, any single ladies out there? =P

The carpet had to go. Only two rooms in our home were still covered in this horrible salmon coloured carpet (this and our bedroom!), where it used to cover 90% of the house. I decided I would take it up as soon as the wine cabinets were gone, as I knew it had been laid around them, so I ripped it all up in about 1.5 hours, including the underlay and tack strips. An hour later it was painted white, and the following afternoon I started moving things back into the room.

1. I spilled a can of paint on the carpet; 2. Cabinets gone; 3. Past the point of no return; 4. Tack Strips; 5 & 6. Painting the edges; 7. Tea break; 8. White floors!

I took everything out of the cabinets and reorganised everything, so I could declutter, chuck some junk out, and actually use the cabinets for storing things I use regularly, instead of things “I might need later”. I also reorganised my drawer next to my computer!

Here’s some more “after” pics, a little room tour, if you will =)

1. Acorn Pin holder; 2. Ikea organisers; 3. DIY pinborads; 4. Collection of pretty things; 5. To Do list; 6. Turtle paperclip holder; 7. Kikki K Weekly Planner; 8. Tidy Work Bench

Let me know what you think! =D

Sneak Peek #2 {home office}

Sneak Peek #2 {home office}

I’ve been a bit quiet here over the past couple of days, besides watching the news a lot and feeling anxious about the situation in Queensland (and now NSW and Victoria) I have been working hard on finishing my home office makeover (finally!), as well as working on some freelance design work for

Just thought I would check in with another sneak peek of the Office, and I’ll be back later tonight for the big reveal and a full run-down. Of course it’s not quite finished, but it’s presentable and tidy, so I thought I’d get some photos in while I could!

I’m off now to have Yum Cha with Chloé and Lexi for Lexi’s birthday, then we’re going to spend the afternoon watching trashy reality tv =D

Stay tuned for lots more photos, I’ll do before & afters and also the frighteningly messy progress photos.

Home office makeover – sneak peek

Home office makeover – sneak peek

The home office makeover is definitely underway… I was going to start this post with “The home office makeover is *almost* finished” but that would have been a big lie. It seems like it should be almost finished, but in reality there’s many things still to be done! I did put up the new panel curtains from Ikea (LOVE them) and have also hung some DIY panel curtains in front of the open shelving. I’ve painted 2 walls and hung the mirror, and have sewn a hanging curtain under my craft desk to hide all the shenanigans that go on under there (rubbish bin, recycling etc). Unfortunatly I couldn’t find the right rug at Ikea for the floor, so I am stuck with the salmon coloured carpet until I find something cheapy-cheap to cover that up. And I’ve discovered husband wants to keep the natural timber colour of th desks and shelving (blerg) but know how I’m going to work with it… I will get some heavy glass tops and sandwich some light and pretty wallpaper or fabric underneath (or just plain white as there’s quite a few patterns already in the room), and just change the knobs. I’m hoping once that’s done the golden timber fronts will just be a nice contrast to the rest of the white in the room.

So here is your sneak peek – I know it isn’t much, but it is still very much a work in progress and I don’t want to share just yet!
Panel Curtains