{Tutorial} DIY Cloud Mobile

{Tutorial} DIY Cloud Mobile

As promised in Part 1 of the Nursery Reveal, here is my semi-step-by-step tutorial for making a very cute DIY mobile! You could of course adapt this to any age group, babies to kids to adults =)

Mikaela - DIY Mobile Tutorial

The tutorial photos were all taken on my phone, so apologies that they aren’t fantastic quality, and I forgot to take photos of putting all the bits together (bugger) but hopefully I can describe it well enough to make it all understandable.

Tools I used:
– scrap paper
– scissors
– big needle (darning needle? I dunno)
– paintbrush
– fabric chalk marker pen thinger

Consumables I used:
– 2 sheets of white felt
– 2 sheets of blue felt
– white yarn (cheap acrylic stuff)
– scraps of wool quilt filler stuff
– embroidery ring
– gesso & white paint
– transparent quilting thread


1. First I drew a nice cloud shape on some scrap paper, to trace onto my felt. I also did the same for the raindrops.

2. I traced the shapes onto a piece of felt, then lined up 2 pieces of felt on top of each other and cut out the shapes at the same time. I cut out 4 identical cloud shapes (for 2 complete clouds) and a bunch of raindrops, as I wasn’t sure how many I needed.

3. I also cut slightly smaller cloud and raindrop shapes from my scrap quilt filler stuff (lovely soft fancy wool of some kind, better than wasting it!) and sandwiched it between the 2 pieces of felt.

4. I then realised that this wasn’t enough filing to make my clouds really nice and fat, so I used up even more scraps by putting the really small cut-offs in between the 2 cloud shaped wool pieces.

5. I then did a simple slip stitch (? help me out here sewers) using a big needle and yarn/wool/acrylic stuff around the entire edge of the cloud…

6. And voila! Here is my cute fluffy completed cloud.

Mikaela DIY cloud mobile tutorial

7. 8. & 9. Pretty much just repeated the same steps for the raindrops (probably didn’t need individual numbers for those…)

So the next part, that I don’t have pictures for, is putting everything together.

Basically all I did was thread and knot a length of transparent quilting thread into the tops of all the raindrops and both clouds, then measure the lengths of thread against the (previously painted white) centre ring of an embroidery hoop to figure out where I wanted them to hang. Then I just tied the top end of the thread around the hoop with a double knot! Very technical…

I made sure to tie them tight enough that the threads don’t slip around the hoop so all the raindrops are spaced out as I wanted them.

Then I made another length of thread to attach the mobile to a hook in the ceiling (everything is so light-weight that the thread is plenty strong enough to hold it all up).

10. And voila! Finished mobile =)

The invisible thread is really the key to this looking great I reckon, because each cloud and raindrop just float around in thin air =)

Video of how it spins when the heater is on:

I’m pretty pumped about how this turned out =D Let me know what you think!

Nursery Design Reveal! Part 1

Nursery Design Reveal! Part 1

As promised, here is our baby room, all finished and ready for the kid to occupy =)

I will post a “Part 2” soon with details of everything (where to buy and DIY’s).

Let me know what you think!

Mikaela - Nursery Design

Mikaela - Nursery Tree Decal

Mikaela - Nursery Toys

Mikaela - Nursery Wall

Mikaela - Nursery Elephants

Mikaela - Nursery Growth Chart Mirror

Mikaela - Nursery DIY Mobile

Mikaela - Nursery Cot

Mikaela - Nursery LED Mobile

Mikaela - Nursery Cupboards

Mikaela - Nursery Flowers

Mikaela - Nursery Bookshelf

Mikaela - Nursery Bookshelf

And for a sense of scale (the room is not tiny but baby furniture is huge!), room overview:
Mikaela - Nursery Overview

Mikaela - Nursery Overview

DIY Nursery Glider Chair Covers

DIY Nursery Glider Chair Covers

I thought I may want need a glider for the baby’s room, and asked a few newish mums if they thought it was necessary. The general consensus was that while comfortable and convenient, no, not an absolutely-essential-must-have-item. But I decided I still wanted one, I just didn’t want to pay the $300+ price tag. So I had myself a looksie on All Classifieds and found a second-hand glider for $20, missing a cushion, but in good working order. I did have to trek down to Isabella Plains (other end of Canberra) to pick it up, so let’s add $15 for petrol. I bought a square piece of firm foam from Clark Rubber, which cost $26, and I found some gorgeous deep purple upholstery fabric from Spotlight, which I got 2 meters of for $40.

Today I managed to put it all together, with some pin-trickery, some amateur sewing, and lots of effort getting the damn foam into the finished cushion (it was a tight squeeze!), I am really pleased with how it’s turned out!

Total cost: $86. Awesome.

I did think about painting the wood white to match the rest of the furniture, but honestly I think the honey wood (which is in perfect condition) looks fine with the purple and adds a bit of variety to the room so everything is not too matchy-matchy. So I will save myself the effort and leave it as-is =)

The grey cushion is just a cheapie one from K-Mart, $13 I think.

I may still make a head rest cushion and/or a caddy for the arm rest out of the left-over fabric too, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Let me know what you think! =)

Successful attempt at putting up shelves! {before & after}

Successful attempt at putting up shelves! {before & after}

I’ve had a pretty average (probably below average, let’s be honest) success rate at putting up shelves in my house. “How hard can it be?” I hear you ask. Well. Not hard at all, apparently, I’ve just been doing it wrong! This time though, I made sure I drilled all the holes, plugged them up with the screw plug thingies, then put a screw into each hole (instead of screwing in every second hole, straight into the plasterboard wall). And ta-da! The shelf is actually sturdy and holds stuff without sagging =)

Hurrah for Nursery shelves (Lack floating shelves from Ikea):



Spare room paint job

Spare room paint job

Here are the before and after photos of the spare room, newly painted! The colour is Dulux “Plume”, which is a lovely deep turquoise. There is still lots to do in the room, including a second coat of white on the cupboard doors, so this is not a whole room reveal, just the wall colour =)

The carpet is a chocolate brown (to cope with future kiddie messes), which makes the room quite dark. I’ve posted previously about my plans to counteract the “darkness” of the room, and once that is all complete and put together, I’ll show off the whole room!
Spare Room Paint Job