DIY House – How to give your kitchen a facelift for under $300

The very first thing I did when we moved in was to paint over the kitchen cupboard doors and change all the handles. The kitchen was a beautiful peachy pink and dusky blue colour scheme, with brown and gold marbled handles. Very chic.

I used white knight laminate paint to change the colour of all the doors and drawers, and bought the new silver handles from Ikea. I did all this the week we moved in, because I was so happy to be able to do anything to the house, because we weren’t renting anymore!

The laminate paint works really well, as long as you follow the correct procedure with cleaning and undercoating first. Many people have said they had no idea the doors had been painted. You just have to be pretty careful not to scratch them, one of our corner cupboards kept knocking the adjacent drawers and a bit of the paint has scratched off, but I’ll be able to touch it up when I do the other shelves.

It took me almost 11 months to paint the actual walls, but I finally got around to doing that in the last school holidays. I still have to finish painting the architraves and need to go back with the laminate paint to do inside some of the shelves, but it has made such a difference, I’m really happy with the results.