Mid-Winter Coast Trip

We decided to have a little getaway a couple of weekends ago, and took ourselves, the toddler and the dogs off down the mountain to Malua Bay. It was bloody freezing! The dogs had a good time though ;)

wetsplishpuddles jump determinedbeanierunningmoodysnot-facesalty-sandy-coldinvestigatingbliss fatherandson

So even though it was terribly cold and wet and soggy, I’m still so grateful to the universe that I am lucky enough to have my family and the means to zip down the coast for the weekend to be with them.



Easter 2013

Today would have also been Altarra’s 32nd birthday, if she were still with us. She would probably have 2 or 3 kids, be living in Sydney and be crafting it up every weekend. I miss her.

Thank you my families for a really lovely day, we had breakfast with JA’s side and lunch with mine, and our first Easter egg hunt with Rafa was deliciously fun and adorable =D

Baby Swimming Lessons

The only bad thing about being down the coast on holiday for a week is missing Raf’s swimming lesson on Saturday morning, it is so cute and so much fun. He is so chilled about it too, just checking out all the other babies instead of paying any attention to us splashing water on his face or dunking him under. Funny boy!
Mikaela baby swimming lessons
This is a page I made for my Project Life album for February.

Our Christmas Tree! 2011

This year I cut down my own tree! And it’s AMAZING, even if I say so myself =)

I went to Christmas Tree Keng, a property out past the Tulip Farm on the Highway to Sydney that grow radiata pines specifically for Christmas! They hand prune their trees to be the perfect shape, and you can cut them yourself so they are super fresh. Any tree costs $48 no matter what size (cheaper than the Belco Markets!)… Can you tell I loved my experience? I’ll be going here every year from now on =)

So on the 1st of December out I went, and surveyed the options.
Mikaela Christmas Tree Farm

This baby was about 1.5m tall (perfect to put on top of our dining table), and was nice and close to the path (I was wearing thongs and there was long grass, perfect for snakes!). So down she went!
Mikaela Christmas Tree
And she fit nicely into the back of my car alongside the pram =P

It took me three days to finish the decorating (babies are time consuming), and 2 weeks to blog about it, but it’s up and I’m very happy =D
Mikaela Christmas Tree Decorating

Happy Holidays everyone!
Mikaela Christmas Tree Decorating

Brisbane Trip

This past weekend I flew up to Brissy to have a girly weekend with my Besties, Caz and Clo, and a new friend Bianca (who lives in Emerald, North QLD as does Caz). Lets just say, at 26 weeks preggers and not *that* fat yet (though people seem to love telling me I’m huge already – don’t these people have any idea of how BIG a new born actually is??), I won’t be traveling any further than Sydney until 2012 from this point on. It was a fabulous girly weekend, with copious amounts of excellent food, massages, hair cuts, and lots of shopping. The girls went out on the town both nights but I was very happy to go back to the hotel room at 8pm and snuggle in with trash tv (Kardashians) and my baby magazines. Also, it was 19°C in Brissy, and only 7°C in Canberra with feral winds… Guess where this sun-bunny would rather be?

Here’s my instagram run-down of the weekend:

It all started with a morning coffee for JA, who gave Chloé and I a lift to the airport nice and early on Friday morning

This is what I had to say goodbye to, nawwww

Room with a view, Saturday morning

Old building in amongst all the new architecture

Bianca and Caz at the Bavarian Bier Cafe for dinner, Saturday night (big tables!)

My meal, Crackling Pork Belly with nommy potatos and Apple Compote, YUM

I demolished it!

My itty bitty pony tail after getting the layers cut properly in my hair (story of disaster hair cut I haven’t yet shared, but it was frustrating. $40 fixed everything)

Lying on the grass in the sunshine at Southbank after a yummo lunch and looking through the markets made me a happy girl

We walked through the Botanic Gardens that were flooded back in January, I love Bamboo!

And what I was homesick for the whole time, even though it was such a great weekend

Imagine what I’ll be like when I have a human baby to miss!

Dogs on the beach

Are the raddest thing ever. I’ve never seen my doggies happier than launching themselves into the waves for hours on end this past week. Harley especially, she would dive superman style into the water to retrieve the stick, jumping over each wave as it rolled in.

They liked the stick better than the ball, because they could both grab onto it and bring it back together (though sometimes they would be facing in opposite directions).

Coast trip January 2011, best holiday of the year so far =D

On holidays!

We’re down at the coast until the 31st, woop! The house here in Rosedale is amazing, I think we’ll be making this our standard coast house from now on… Also it has fox so I’ve been watching trashy reality tv, it’s fantastic haha. I’ll be posting some poor quality iPhone pics during the week of my lovely holiday =P Today’s pic is of our yummo lunch!

Melbourne Town & Tim Burton

This weekend we went down to Melbourne from Thursday night til Sunday, and had a really great time =) Our friends Phil and Beck (you might remember their wedding back in February) have moved down there for 12 months, and were kind enough to offer us a bed for the time we were there, and as a bonus we also got their fantastic company =D

We went down late Thursday evening, and had a nice smooth flight down and no delays (thanks Virgin Blue!). The taxi driver we got from the airport out to their apartment at Docklands was a funny guy, chatting almost the whole way about his broken gas/fuel gauge. I love Melbourne’s design and architecture, the big random spike things coming into the city from the Airport have no purpose what-so-ever except to look pretty, and I love that. I spent a lot of time just looking at the buildings, there’s so much variety in styles, materials and concepts, it’s fantastic. I wish we had more exciting architecture in Canberra. This is the interior of the Convention Centre:
Melbourne Convention Centre

Friday Phil and Beck had to work, JA and I met up with Miri-moo who was also down over our school holidays and had some lunch, then Miri and I went and hit the shops. We moseyed over to the DFO at Southbank and found a fantastic sale on at Metalicus, oh gosh we went a bit nuts! It was 30% off already marked down prices, I bought 7 items for $130. If that’s not the most amazing bargain, I don’t know what is.

Later we went to dinner with our hosts to a great Indian place by the water, and stuffed ourselves silly, it was SO YUMMY. I tried a beer. It was gross. I think I’ll stick to nice, healthy, natural thirst quenching water for now =)

We had brunch on Saturday and these tea sticks tickled me (and JA):
Melbourne Tea Sticks

Saturday was Burton Day. After our yummy brunch, we went to the Tim Burton exhibition at ACMI. Oh gosh. I said it in a Facebook status update and I’ll say it again: Tim Burton = Brilliant Genius. I luff him. I love his sketches, drawings, paintings, sculptures, ideas. His style is brilliant, so bright, so twisted, so inspiring. I could go on all day… I loved looking at his early drawings from art college, before he worked on any feature films. I bought the exhibition catalogue book from ACMI so I can enjoy it all again and again =) Of course there was no photography allowed inside (I respected this while others did not!), but here we are in the foyer, and the Bat Mobile:
batman car

After the exhibition the boys went home to watch the AFL grand final replay (yawn) and Beck and I wandered down to the Art Gallery and took in some more culture. There were portraits which were interesting (not really gob-smacking) but a nice little surprise was the designer collective we stumbled upon with famous chairs designed by the likes of Eames, Le Corbusier, Reitveld and more… I was almost squealing with delight! It was a treat to see these genuine pieces in real life all in one place =)
Designer chairs

Afterward we trammed it back home, where the football was just finishing up the 1st quarter. I decided to go back downstairs (their apartment in on top of Harbourtown Shopping Plaza) and do some more shopping, and am so pleased with my many more Melbourne bargains that I acquired that day! We finished up the day with Nando’s for dinner and many hours of trashy TV which was great as always haha…

Sunday came too quickly and it was time to fly home again. Another good flight (I am not a good traveller at all, when I say “good”, I mean “at least I didn’t want to vomit the entire time”…) and we were back in rainy Canberra by 12.30pm.

Home, naps, then another adventure at Chloe’s house for the NRL final! I was going for the Dragons, but didn’t care enough to actually watch the game, so just hung out with my besties (Caz is down with Ashleigh again yayayay!) for the evening and had a good feed, it was fantastic. Bad quality pic care of my iPhone:
Ash & Billy

All in all a really great weekend! =D

melbourne trip

6 days until I go back to work…

Our QLD trip roundup

I’ve probably left this a little bit late to post about because I have a memory like a sieve and only a week after returning from our holiday, I can’t remember which day we did what on. Hopeless!

All I know is, Caloundra is a beautiful place, and a helluva lot warmer than chilly Canberra! When we left it was 23ºC during the day. Just a slight contrast to the -4.2ºC I woke up to the other day here =[ I really love Canberra, but it’s winters are enough to make me want to move somewhere warmer.

Anyhoo, back to the holiday: Our first day we arrived and just got settled, then went out for a nice dinner at a Thai place, about 100m from the unit we were staying in (this roundup will be mostly about food, as when we’re on holiday we live one meal to the next!). The next day it felt quite chilly and windy, so we decided to drive to Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza and see Toy Story 3 (what a fun movie) and by the time we got there the sun was out and it was an absolute stunner of a day. I think it was that evening we went to Montezuma’s for dinner, which was enourmous and fantastic. Sunday again the day started out a bit cloudy, and as it wasn’t exactly beach weather we decided to go to Australia Zoo (we saw the Irwin’s from afar). The highlights were the little piglets, the koalas (funnily enough, but these ones were actually awake and doing something, not like the lazy sods at Canberra Zoo), and the alligators were actually kind of cute in their enclosures, one of them was moving around a bit and I wanted to pat it. Kind of.

Monday was glorious. It was lovely weather, and we spent it on the beach. I sunbathed and read my book, we had a nice lunch on the esplanade, then spent the afternoon watching the sun go down and making the inlet look amazing.

Tuesday we headed down to the Gold Coast about 2 hours away for a day at Sea World. It’s quite expensive to only go to one of the parks, much cheaper to get a super pass and go to all three (or more), but we were staying too far away to be able to do that. We were so lucky because one of the Dolphins had given birth just in February so we got to see the baby dolphin! So cute and little. We also watched people “swim” with them, which I think would be an incredible experience but again really quite expensive (much cheaper and more amazing in Hawaii, just have to go back there…). Our favourite are the Polar Bears, they are just like big big doggies, so gorgeous. I was also very brave and went on one of the (quite small) roller coasters. I hate to admit it but I’m a bit of a scaredy cat… I will try almost anything but I will be afraid while I’m doing it =P Of course the dolphin show is another highlight, totally cheesy in the presentation but it just so incredible to see how intelligent these animals are and what they have been trained to do.

For our last evening in qld we headed back to Caloundra and went out for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant a short walk away from our unit, and I stuffed myself silly. Yummy yummy Cabonara followed by a delicious chocolate mud cake, mmmm goood. We went to sleep happy and full!

Wednesday we went for a bit of a wander, I found the local craft store (score!) and JA went hunting for computer bits. Our last day there and we realised if we’d turned right on the main street instead of left, we were smack bang in the middle of all the shops and cafes! Lucky I didn’t realise earlier, I probably would have spent far too much on thing I didn’t need.

We arrived home at about 9pm (thanks dad for picking us up from the airport!) to rainy wet weather and some very muddy happy dogs! Of course glad to be home, we enjoyed our little getaway in the sunshine and I’m now really looking forward to leaving winter behind!

More piccies of our trip can be seen on my flickr stream

Countdown is on, 5.5 weeks til spring!