Mid-Winter Coast Trip

Mid-Winter Coast Trip

We decided to have a little getaway a couple of weekends ago, and took ourselves, the toddler and the dogs off down the mountain to Malua Bay. It was bloody freezing! The dogs had a good time though ;)

wetsplishpuddles jump determinedbeanierunningmoodysnot-facesalty-sandy-coldinvestigatingbliss fatherandson

So even though it was terribly cold and wet and soggy, I’m still so grateful to the universe that I am lucky enough to have my family and the means to zip down the coast for the weekend to be with them.



Easter 2013

Easter 2013

Today would have also been Altarra’s 32nd birthday, if she were still with us. She would probably have 2 or 3 kids, be living in Sydney and be crafting it up every weekend. I miss her.

Thank you my families for a really lovely day, we had breakfast with JA’s side and lunch with mine, and our first Easter egg hunt with Rafa was deliciously fun and adorable =D

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimming Lessons

The only bad thing about being down the coast on holiday for a week is missing Raf’s swimming lesson on Saturday morning, it is so cute and so much fun. He is so chilled about it too, just checking out all the other babies instead of paying any attention to us splashing water on his face or dunking him under. Funny boy!
Mikaela baby swimming lessons
This is a page I made for my Project Life album for February.

Our Christmas Tree! 2011

Our Christmas Tree! 2011

This year I cut down my own tree! And it’s AMAZING, even if I say so myself =)

I went to Christmas Tree Keng, a property out past the Tulip Farm on the Highway to Sydney that grow radiata pines specifically for Christmas! They hand prune their trees to be the perfect shape, and you can cut them yourself so they are super fresh. Any tree costs $48 no matter what size (cheaper than the Belco Markets!)… Can you tell I loved my experience? I’ll be going here every year from now on =)

So on the 1st of December out I went, and surveyed the options.
Mikaela Christmas Tree Farm

This baby was about 1.5m tall (perfect to put on top of our dining table), and was nice and close to the path (I was wearing thongs and there was long grass, perfect for snakes!). So down she went!
Mikaela Christmas Tree
And she fit nicely into the back of my car alongside the pram =P

It took me three days to finish the decorating (babies are time consuming), and 2 weeks to blog about it, but it’s up and I’m very happy =D
Mikaela Christmas Tree Decorating

Happy Holidays everyone!
Mikaela Christmas Tree Decorating

Brisbane Trip

Brisbane Trip

This past weekend I flew up to Brissy to have a girly weekend with my Besties, Caz and Clo, and a new friend Bianca (who lives in Emerald, North QLD as does Caz). Lets just say, at 26 weeks preggers and not *that* fat yet (though people seem to love telling me I’m huge already – don’t these people have any idea of how BIG a new born actually is??), I won’t be traveling any further than Sydney until 2012 from this point on. It was a fabulous girly weekend, with copious amounts of excellent food, massages, hair cuts, and lots of shopping. The girls went out on the town both nights but I was very happy to go back to the hotel room at 8pm and snuggle in with trash tv (Kardashians) and my baby magazines. Also, it was 19°C in Brissy, and only 7°C in Canberra with feral winds… Guess where this sun-bunny would rather be?

Here’s my instagram run-down of the weekend:

It all started with a morning coffee for JA, who gave Chloé and I a lift to the airport nice and early on Friday morning

This is what I had to say goodbye to, nawwww

Room with a view, Saturday morning

Old building in amongst all the new architecture

Bianca and Caz at the Bavarian Bier Cafe for dinner, Saturday night (big tables!)

My meal, Crackling Pork Belly with nommy potatos and Apple Compote, YUM

I demolished it!

My itty bitty pony tail after getting the layers cut properly in my hair (story of disaster hair cut I haven’t yet shared, but it was frustrating. $40 fixed everything)

Lying on the grass in the sunshine at Southbank after a yummo lunch and looking through the markets made me a happy girl

We walked through the Botanic Gardens that were flooded back in January, I love Bamboo!

And what I was homesick for the whole time, even though it was such a great weekend

Imagine what I’ll be like when I have a human baby to miss!