A beachy weekend

A beachy weekend

Last weekend we got up at O-dark-thirty to get JA to the bus station to go pick up his car from Sydney. Raf and I kept going and went down the coast, and JA eventually met us there later in the afternoon. We only had one night there with our lovely friends, but it was glorious to put our toes in the sand and duck our heads under the waves. I love the ocean.

Stretching out legs in Braidwood, aka run away from mummy as fast as I possibly can


Gloomy but wonderful

Buddies on the beach


Practicing his surfing technique

Check out those curls… Don’t get to see them too often in my pics because they’re only at the back ;)

Favourite everything

Last one… Having withdrawals already *sigh*

Snow Trip 2012

Snow Trip 2012

mikaela family snow tripThis past weekend we went to Thredbo with JA’s family. It was really beautiful up there, it snowed overnight and on the Sunday, but the sun was shining and it was really great weather. Neither JA or I went up on the slopes (he because of his knee, me because it’s quite expensive and I didn’t want to go without him), but we really enjoyed ourselves none-the-less.Mikaela family snow trip
It was all organised by JA’s mom, she booked a fancy chalet right on the snow, and we could watch the skiers and boarders go down the slope through the window all day.mikaela family snow tripmikaela family snow tripOn the Sunday before heading home, we rugged Rafa up in his first ski suit and sat him on the snow, and JA pushed him down the little slope. It was very cute =)mikaela family snow tripmikaela family snow tripmikaela family snow tripI love my little family! =)