Mid-Winter Coast Trip

We decided to have a little getaway a couple of weekends ago, and took ourselves, the toddler and the dogs off down the mountain to Malua Bay. It was bloody freezing! The dogs had a good time though ;)

wetsplishpuddles jump determinedbeanierunningmoodysnot-facesalty-sandy-coldinvestigatingbliss fatherandson

So even though it was terribly cold and wet and soggy, I’m still so grateful to the universe that I am lucky enough to have my family and the means to zip down the coast for the weekend to be with them.



Easter 2013

Today would have also been Altarra’s 32nd birthday, if she were still with us. She would probably have 2 or 3 kids, be living in Sydney and be crafting it up every weekend. I miss her.

Thank you my families for a really lovely day, we had breakfast with JA’s side and lunch with mine, and our first Easter egg hunt with Rafa was deliciously fun and adorable =D

2012 in review.

It’s been a very emotional year.

I’ve watched my baby boy grow up so much, pass all the usual milestones and jump ahead in leaps and bounds, he’s such a clever little engineer (still yet to say a word though!). We are so lucky to have him and are amazed that we created him.

We were also devastated by the loss of JA’s dad Frank, in October. We continue to miss him every day, and all I can say is thank goodness for Rafael and his cousin Malia, putting smiles on our sad faces every day.

This is an extremely image heavy post, but it brings joy to my heart to see my little Rafa and remember all the great things we did this year.

(Images are in reverse order from December back to January)
IMG_8963 IMG_8962 IMG_8961 IMG_8943 IMG_8931 IMG_8913 IMG_8909 IMG_8901 IMG_8876 IMG_8875 IMG_8844 IMG_8823 IMG_8817 IMG_8815 IMG_8785 IMG_8784 IMG_8768 IMG_8741 IMG_8645 IMG_8580 IMG_8566 IMG_8525 IMG_8434 IMG_8427 IMG_8416 IMG_8328 IMG_8304 IMG_8246 IMG_7931 IMG_7915 IMG_7779 IMG_7749 IMG_7712 IMG_0082 IMG_7686 IMG_7674 IMG_7589 IMG_7573 IMG_7403 IMG_7402 IMG_7401 IMG_7400 IMG_7307 IMG_7171 IMG_7164 IMG_7162 IMG_7109 IMG_7034 IMG_6988 IMG_6681 IMG_6638 IMG_6614 IMG_6544 IMG_6515 IMG_6417 IMG_6303 IMG_6285 IMG_6252 IMG_6229 IMG_6109 IMG_6080 IMG_5964 IMG_5808 IMG_5797 IMG_5700 IMG_5674 IMG_5580 IMG_5411 IMG_5265 IMG_5241 IMG_5171 IMG_5098 IMG_4961 IMG_4867 IMG_4857 IMG_4799 IMG_4793 IMG_4775 IMG_4772 IMG_4707 IMG_4692 IMG_4409 IMG_4307 IMG_4229 IMG_4217 IMG_4132 IMG_4111 IMG_4014 IMG_3836 IMG_3583 IMG_3519 IMG_3517 IMG_3495

10 Months Old

(I’m posting this a month late, and will be doing his 11 months post right after this one!)

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly Photos

I take a lot of photos throughout the month of everything that is happening in our lives, and I try to then put them all in my project life album once I get them printed. The problem is though, if it’s been a month or so since taking them, I can’t always remember what the occasion or specific moment was that I wanted to record. So I have an account with OhLife, which is an awesome little free service where they send you an email every evening, asking you how your day was. You write a quick line or two about what happened that day, if there was anything great or momentous, and it all gets saved in your private OhLife account. You can then log in later and read back over what happened on specific dates. I then match these up with the photos I’ve taken on that date, and everything is then in the right order and makes sense in my album! I highly recommend it =)

I’m posting a few little excerpts below of what I’ve written about Rafa ♥

  • July 15th : Rafa’s bottom left baby tooth is poking through. Took his 9 month photos yesterday, 2 days late. This morning he mumbled something suspiciously like “tickle” which was awesome. Probably a fluke though ;)
  • July 19th : Rafa is definitely pressing the buttons on his mobiles phone intentionally now, so cute!
  • July 23rd : First day back at work! It was really good. And Rafa is clapping and playing peek-a-boo by himself now, it’s awesome.
  • July 24th : Rafa was saying “diggle diggle diggle” all morning and afternoon =D
  • July 30th : Rafa is learning to brush his teeth, it is very cute and so far so good!

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly Photos

  • August 3rd : Rafa seems to be teething again, a bit cranky, not sleeping/napping well and very hungry all the time! He is also kneeling now and starting to pull up on things.
  • August 8th : Rafa is the. BEST. BABY. in the whole world. He is pulling up on absolutely everything now and just wants to stand up all day!
  • August 11th : Went to swimming today and took some more videos of both babies =)

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly PhotosHe also makes this hilarious squinty-smiley face, all the time. So, so funny.

Mikaela Rafael Baby Monthly PhotosHe loves to sit and “read” his Spot books, upside-down and backwards of course, but he’ll sit there for a good 10-15 minutes flipping the pages back and forth. Super smart boy ;)

8 Months Old

Mikaela Rafa 8 months old
Our little bubba is growing into a cute little boy!
Mikaela Rafa 8 months oldAt swimming he is now going right under the water, he closes his eyes and mouth before getting dunked (most of the time). A few weeks ago the babies went down a slide (with the instructors help) into the water, and I was uncoordinated and basically dropped him under the water hehe, poor bubba! He was fine though =)
Mikaela Rafa 8 months old
Rafa’s favourite toys right now are his colourful block shapes & bucket, his puzzle, and most of all, the purple bouncy ball. He loves that thing! We play rolling, catching, basketball and soccer with it (the baby versions of course). He likes eating the bumps ;)
Mikaela Rafa 8 months oldHe’s getting quite animated now, pulling a hilarious squinty face (haven’t caught it on camera yet) whilst smiling, it is so funny. We’ve worked out some new games, he loves lying on my tummy and getting his legs lifted above him, and also going on my legs up in the air as an aeroplane.

He is also playing with his cousin Malia a lot more, and they are SO cute together XD They steal each others toys and dummies, have little baby chats to each other, and Malia is always trying to grab hold of him and engage him, it’s so fun to watch.

♥ Being a mum is awesome ♥

Crafternoon Tea Party – Scrappy Framed Photos

Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Last weekend I hosted my second Crafternoon Tea Party of the year (read about January’s here).

I baked some Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing (yum), and of course had on hand the many varieties of teas I’ve been collecting. Susan brought Costco cookies (so yum!) and Clo brought White Tim Tams and choc-mint slices. We were on bikkie overload!
Mikaela Red velvet Cupcake

Once again, it was so fun! There’s something so fantastic about bringing creativity into people’s lives – people who think they are “uncreative” – and seeing what they come up with, once given the tools.
Mikaela Craft Supplies

We created a “Scrappy Framed Photo”. The instruction of this craft was minimal compared to the resin bangles, as all I had to do was show some examples of some scrapbooking I had done previously, and show everyone what was available to them and how it might be used. Then for the most part I wasn’t even there (off trying to print photos and feed the baby!), and what everyone came up with really delighted me!
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party

To thank my lovely gests for coming I made these little party favours, by cutting the cupcake shapes on my Cameo and popping some lollies and malteasers inside (though I was lazy and used sticky tape on the outside instead of glueing them!). So cute =)
Mikaela Crafternoon Tea Party

I already have ideas for next months Crafternoon Tea Party!

{Link Love} Birthdays

February is Birthday Bonanza month over at Creative Collective, and this week the girls are asking:

Do you have any family traditions? Do you have a favorite birthday that stands out in your mind? Do you have any birthday horror stories? Are you planning any big birthdays this year?

I like to stretch my own birthday celebrations out as long as possible, over a weekend or even a week if I can manage it!

I started writing this yesterday but it has turned into a massive trip down memory lane with photos from many birthday’s past, so be prepared for an image heavy post! (the best kind, no?)

Last year we had a lovely BBQ at the Lake Ginn Doggie Park with great friends and family (and 3 week old Raf!). This is the awesome Ice Cream/Gelato cake my muma got for me:

In 2010 I managed to coordinate 3 birthday do’s, including dinner where this photo was taken by bestie Clo – ♥ it!

I’m also partial to party planning and decorating (the impending kids parties over the next several years are my idea of HEAVEN). In 2009 I had a Halloween themed birthday party, which was awesome. I loved making my cake!

We also went out to dinner, and to the coast. Lucky girl!

In 2006 for my 21st Birthday I planned, put together and decorated my Alice in Wonderland themed party, it was fantastic. This was the amazing cake my Godparents made for me:

And my gorgeous God Mother helped to make my costume, bit of a mix between Alice and a Bavarian Bier Wench, but you get the idea =P

How cute are my Nandy and Pa? Pa passed away in 2008, but I’m going to Nandy’s 92nd Birthday lunch today!

Mostly everyone went all out with their costumes, I loved it! This is bestie Clo with her bro Luke and mum Sophie. Awesome =)

Mum and dad as the King and Queen of Hearts:

And the amazing in-laws =)

I also had a thing for making Pinata’s, you can see the Pink Flamingo from my 21st Birthday here:

We made a purple Hippo for Katie’s 18th:

I’m pretty sure we also made one for JA’s 18th and my own 18th, but that was back when we took photos on film! Will have to go hunt some piccies down…

And my very first attempt at making a character cake (with Katie’s help), JA’s 21st Bender cake:

I found some photos from 2003! Here you would think it was my 12th Birthday, right? Nope, 19th. Crazy young:

This is the cake JA made me for the celebration at the In-Laws, it says “to girl”, so cute:

For the celebration with friends I had a Hawaiian/Beach themed party, I remember it being really cold though, boo.

Also, as if this is a surpirise, I already know what I want to do for my 30th Birthday. 3 years away. Yup!

I can’t wait to make a big fuss over Raf’s birthday too from now on =D

Watching the Sun set

The other night I watched the sky change colour as the sun set, after a pamper session with my muma (birthday gift, thank you!).

There were two shows happening at once, one in front of us and one to the left.

These photos are straight out of my iPhone, just resized and saved for web in PS, no editing. Mother Nature is pretty rad, no?

The main event:
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo

And to the left:
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo
Mikaela sunset photo

I wish life was this pretty more often x

{Point & Shoot} Lazy Weekends at Home

Over the weekend I found my pink camera (as seen in my profile photo to the right)! Hurrah! It had been hiding for many months in the study, in my “postage items” box, of all places.

My Point and Shoot this week is of my blue eyed boys being cute (and neither looking at the camera because the tennis was on!).
Mikaela - My boys

Play along over at Sunny & Scout! =)