Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

I was just cropping and re-saving these photos to post here to show the progress of our bedroom makeover when I realised they are not really nice photos, the room is messy in almost all of them, and the bed linen doesn’t match, and (of course) the room isn’t totally finished. But you know what? Whatevs. I’m getting pretty sick of only seeing these perfectly tidy, polished rooms, in magazines and online in blogs. As stated in an earlier post, I’m just not like that. I’m a messy person. When the house is tidy, it’s usually because I’m busy getting ready for people coming over. And when I get the time to take photos of the house, it’s after the visitors have left and it’s not tidy anymore.

So here it is! You’ll have to get the imagination going for some of these to invision what the bedroom will look like once it’s finished.

Aren’t the old curtains lovely? =[ They were much too heavy and dark for the room, and kept getting in the way on the floor as they were too long. So I replaced them with some nice and plain white roman blinds from Bunnings. These blinds are great, as they have a blockout layer but also a sheer layer which lets all the light in but you can’t see in from the outside, perfect for getting dressed in the morning. And yes, I’m sure you can’t see in, we’ve checked three times!

On the above “after” photo you can also see my wonky floating shelves… I’ve tried to put these up 3 times already and this is the best I’ve got, so I’m giving in and getting some simple shelf brackets next time I go to Ikea. The main problem is there isn’t a stud where I want to put them up, and even though I used the fancy plastic wall screw holder thingies, it really didn’t work very well. That and the cats keep jumping up onto them.

Also, I just remembered, see the little chest of drawers in both photos? It’s the same one! I sanded, stained and changed the handles of my old pine dresser that I’ve had since I was about 10. Handles from Ikea, of course. See more photos of that makeover plus more from the overall bedroom makeover in my flickr set.

The top image shows our old double bed with bedhead from Ikea, it lasted us well but was much too small for us and 2 labradors. So we got a nice big comfy king size ensemble. I might construct a bedhead in the future, but for now we’re happy without one.

The wall print is from Target, we used one of the Myer gift vouchers we received for our wedding to purchase this. It’s supposed to hang vertically as shown in the first photo, but I bought it intending to hang it horizontally, I think it fills the space better.

Eventually I want to get a small to medium sized LCD TV to mount on the wall just below the shelf level.

This is probably a more accurate visual of the wall colour, which I painted with Beige Chalk. Still to do are the wardrobe doors and architraves in antique white, and changing of the wardrobe door handles. And some matching bed linen!

And the finishing touch to the unfinished room were these cute decals from My Munchkin Home.

Let me know what you think =)