Mid-Winter Coast Trip

We decided to have a little getaway a couple of weekends ago, and took ourselves, the toddler and the dogs off down the mountain to Malua Bay. It was bloody freezing! The dogs had a good time though ;)

wetsplishpuddles jump determinedbeanierunningmoodysnot-facesalty-sandy-coldinvestigatingbliss fatherandson

So even though it was terribly cold and wet and soggy, I’m still so grateful to the universe that I am lucky enough to have my family and the means to zip down the coast for the weekend to be with them.



A beachy weekend

Last weekend we got up at O-dark-thirty to get JA to the bus station to go pick up his car from Sydney. Raf and I kept going and went down the coast, and JA eventually met us there later in the afternoon. We only had one night there with our lovely friends, but it was glorious to put our toes in the sand and duck our heads under the waves. I love the ocean.

Stretching out legs in Braidwood, aka run away from mummy as fast as I possibly can
Gloomy but wonderful
Buddies on the beach
Practicing his surfing technique
Check out those curls… Don’t get to see them too often in my pics because they’re only at the back ;)
Favourite everything
Last one… Having withdrawals already *sigh*

Dogs on the beach

Are the raddest thing ever. I’ve never seen my doggies happier than launching themselves into the waves for hours on end this past week. Harley especially, she would dive superman style into the water to retrieve the stick, jumping over each wave as it rolled in.

They liked the stick better than the ball, because they could both grab onto it and bring it back together (though sometimes they would be facing in opposite directions).

Coast trip January 2011, best holiday of the year so far =D

On holidays!

We’re down at the coast until the 31st, woop! The house here in Rosedale is amazing, I think we’ll be making this our standard coast house from now on… Also it has fox so I’ve been watching trashy reality tv, it’s fantastic haha. I’ll be posting some poor quality iPhone pics during the week of my lovely holiday =P Today’s pic is of our yummo lunch!

Half completed projects

I’ve been a busy little beaver recently! Lots going on, but nothing quite finished enough to dedicate a post to, so here’s the wrap up:

Last weekend we went to the coast with my parents, which was really great, it was raining and miserable in Canberra but absolutely gorgeous at Jervis Bay. We went to Hyams beach on Sunday and it had totally amazing white sand, the nicest I’ve ever seen. The doggies stayed in Canberra, they had a sleepover with their Uncle Buster at JA’s parents place.

We came back Sunday afternoon to celebrate JA’s dad’s birthday with him with take away Turkish and cupcakes. Yum.

Monday was a public holiday in Canberra, and boy howdy did I make use of it! My plan was to just go shopping for a few bits and bobs and out to DFO to see what the clothing stores could offer me, but I decided that I may as well rip up the old carpet in the spare room and lay the new stuff, since it was just sitting there waiting to be done. In order to do that, I needed to move everything out of the room, which included the big blue chair I was in the middle of re-covering, so I decided I needed to finish that up too. Turns out laying carpet sucks, and I did a fairly poor job, but I’ll leave that for another post.

I did end up going shopping, out to Rodney’s Nursery where they were having their semi-regular 50% off all pots and some plants sale. I got 2 quite large square stone pots, and a bunch of plants. I also went to Spotlight and picked up some things for my handmade stall in two weeks, and to Officeworks for some officey type stuff.

Work yesterday was draining, I’ve had a scratchy throat since Saturday and my head was fogging up, things didn’t look good, so I organised in advance to have today off and made sure all my classes were covered. I’d already made plans to visit my friend Amanda and her bub Ashlee, which was really nice, we hadn’t caught up in ages. By the time I went home though I was feeling pretty ratty, with a headache and sore throat.

Today though, when I woke up, I felt much better. If I hadn’t already organised the day off work I probably would have gone in, but I think it’s probably better I didn’t, nothing worse than spreading sickness through a school. So I stayed home and did more gardening, sitting in the sun with Bella on my lap for most of the day. Sounds relaxing I know, but I actually worked really hard, so much for resting up! I’ll post about the area of the garden I worked on another day after I take some photos.

Now I have a bit of design work to catch up on, and am about to go make a super yummy dinner of home made chicken burgers!

See? Busy beaver =)


We had a great weekend

The drive up to Sydney was uneventful, whenever JA drives I pretty much just fall asleep, which can make him tired too but he’s a trooper and got us there in one piece =) We checked in to the hotel on King Street (not fancy pants but really great location, we were a 20 minute walk from the Wedding Venue across the Harbour) and got pretty for the wedding. I knew I should have worn thongs for the walk over, but I was stubborn and wore my heels, and subsequently my feet were killing me all night (I did a trashbag and took them off for the walk home. Yes I got looks, but oh well). We arrived at the beautiful location, a raised pier on Darling Harbour, and met up with all our good friends. Phil (the groom) looked nervous, but excited. We watched the ceremony from the back of the pack (the boys are not very good at being quiet and serious, so they were quietly rowdy and no one was the wiser) and I took photos. Got a little side-tracked by georgeous Heidi:

Ben with Heidi

Beck was absolutely stunning (no surprise) and the whole wedding was beautiful. The reception followed at the same venue, directly inside from the pier in a great restaurant (Part of Doulton House). Phil and Beck did a fantastic first dance, I think it was a swinging waltz or something, not really sure but it looked great! Their cake looked delicious (I was much too full to try any), and the whole night was (I’m running out of gushing adjectives!) amazing.

Phil & Beck with Beck's dad
Wedding Cake
The Bride and Groom enter
Beck's headpiece

Cutting the cake

First Dance

Bridal couples exit

The following day the family hosted a BBQ at Phil’s sisters place, which was nice and relaxing, laid back, and again with great food. It was really good to catch up with them for a few minutes properly (you don’t really get to at a Wedding, there’s too much going on!) before they went on their honeymoon.

We decided not to go to Mardi Gras, mainly because we weren’t very organised, and the center of Sydney gets absolutely PACKED on the night, you have to get there really early to get a good spot to watch the parade. Also we were all pretty tired from the night before, so we went back to Tom & Milly’s place at Bondi and just vegged out, ate pizza, and watched a movie.

On Sunday we woke up to a Tsunami warning from the Earthquake in Chile. The beach was closed (which just means they discourage you from swimming), but we went down anyway and had a dip and laid on the sand for a short while. Then it was just more vegging out in front of the TV, watching trashy programmes like The Hills and Keeping up with the Kardashians (we don’t have foxtel at home, so I get excited for this crap when we go away haha, it’s so terrible). Then we moseyed on home in the afternoon, which again was an uneventful drive, with JA doing all the work and me dosing off most of the way.

With the news from Chile (and still thinking about Haiti) we know we are so so lucky to live in Australia, with good jobs, a house and vehicles, and are for the most part very safe from anything overly dangerous. Because of this I always feel I need to donate to causes to help those less fortunate (which everyone should do), though sometimes it passes me by and I keep saying “I’ll do that tomorrow”. I need to fix that. I will post about this soon, in the hopes that other people will donate also.

Happy Monday everyone! It only get’s closer to the weekend from here =D

Back from the coast, ready to rock and roll

Our coast trip was lovely =) A little bit stressful at times, having to keep a close eye on Harley at the beach as she is on heat at the moment, but for the most part it was really nice and relaxing. I did lots of painting for my handmade goodies (which I will post about soon) and got some reading done (check out my new books page).

The weather was a bit iffy for the first 2 days, and then it was glorious! Very warm but not disgustingly hot like Canberra had been before we left.

Broulee Beach

I love these little grassy things (not sure what they’re called), they just remind me of the beach =)


We got back on Wednesday afternoon, and just vegged for the rest of the day. Back to work for both of us Thursday, but at least it was a nice short week! I had a frustrating 2 days not being able to do much preparation at all with no computer setup, because of moving staffrooms. I’m not really prepared to start with kids next week (which of course I had dreams about last night, like being 3 hours late to a class… haha what a joke, the kids leave if you’re not there in 10 minutes). I don’t have a class until 11.25 on monday, so hopefully I can cram some prep in before then! Also have to tidy up my classroom, it’s an absolute mess.

There’s a few things happening for us over the next couple of months, next week Caz is coming down from Emerald (in QLD) again for a visit, will be so good to see her and baby Ash (who I’m sure has grown so much since November!). In a couple of weekends we have hen’s and bucks parties to go to, the hens for me is in Sydney, and JA is going to Jervis Bay for the bucks. Although, yesterday when he was at work they told him they’re doing a release that weekend and they want him to work, which will suck so much if he can’t go to the bucks… We’ll see how it pans out. 2 weeks later we have the wedding of the hen and buck, in Sydney. It will be fabulous! I have a lovely outfit sorted for that. The weekend after we’ll be at the coast with my parents, as it’s a long weekend. And the weekend following THAT is our first anniversary! We don’t have anything very specific planned as yet, probably just a fancy dinner, and I’m hoping to book in for a photo shoot. Then we have no plans until July, when we’ll be going up to QLD for 6 days for a holiday, which I booked flights for the other day. Exciting! Right in the middle of Winter (which I hate 90% of the time in Canberra), so it will be nice to warm up for a few days =)

Other than all that, I’m still planning to get a stall at the markets, I just need to make an appointment to show them my goodies. Maybe I’ll make a deadline for myself to do that this week. I also still need to book in for my new tattoo, but before doing that I need to donate blood, otherwise I won’t be able to for another 2 years (after getting the tattoo). Also of course have a thousand projects to do around the house, hopefully tomorrow I’m starting a chair covering project, which I will definitely post about once it’s done!

I’ll also be posting over the next couple of days about all the things I mentioned in my last post before going to the coast =)