to-do list : RESTAURANTS

As part of my to-do list, I want to go to 15 Restaurants in Canberra that I haven’t been to before, in the next 1001 days (starting in October 2009 and finishing in July 2012).

So starting from October, this is a list of the restaurants I’ve been to, with a brief critique.

1. Asian Noodle House in Civic. with Miriam, Paige and Anita before seeing Avenue Q at the Canberra Theatre
Verdict: YUMMO. Service was a tad slow, but they were quite busy. The Asian Noodle house in Dickson is really good too.

2. Nando’s in Civic. With JA and his dad
Verdict: Meh. I got a mild chicken wrap, which was just chicken strips, lettuce and a bit of tomato. It just wasn’t very tasty, and I could have made it better myself. JA and Frank also said their meals weren’t impressive. We’ve decided take-away from Oporto is much nicer.

3. Noodle Place in Fyshwick. With JA on his lunchbreak
Verdict: Winner. This place was really fast to serve us, the meals were huge, cheap, and super tasty.

4. Mezzalira on West Row with JA for our 1st Anniversary
Verdict: Delicious. This Italian restaurant in Civic was perfect, quite pricey but worth every cent. Great service, wonderful food, and lovely atmosphere. Everything you want in a fancy restaurant.

5. Caffe Ravello in Dickson with Lexi and Clo for our semi-regular catchup dinner
Verdict: Good eats. Another Italian place, the “CafĂ© by day, restaurant by night” was cheap, yum, and had good service. Not fancy, but definitely good.

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