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As promised in Part 1 of the Nursery Reveal, here is my semi-step-by-step tutorial for making a very cute DIY mobile! You could of course adapt this to any age group, babies to kids to adults =)

Mikaela - DIY Mobile Tutorial

The tutorial photos were all taken on my phone, so apologies that they aren’t fantastic quality, and I forgot to take photos of putting all the bits together (bugger) but hopefully I can describe it well enough to make it all understandable.

Tools I used:
– scrap paper
– scissors
– big needle (darning needle? I dunno)
– paintbrush
– fabric chalk marker pen thinger

Consumables I used:
– 2 sheets of white felt
– 2 sheets of blue felt
– white yarn (cheap acrylic stuff)
– scraps of wool quilt filler stuff
– embroidery ring
– gesso & white paint
– transparent quilting thread


1. First I drew a nice cloud shape on some scrap paper, to trace onto my felt. I also did the same for the raindrops.

2. I traced the shapes onto a piece of felt, then lined up 2 pieces of felt on top of each other and cut out the shapes at the same time. I cut out 4 identical cloud shapes (for 2 complete clouds) and a bunch of raindrops, as I wasn’t sure how many I needed.

3. I also cut slightly smaller cloud and raindrop shapes from my scrap quilt filler stuff (lovely soft fancy wool of some kind, better than wasting it!) and sandwiched it between the 2 pieces of felt.

4. I then realised that this wasn’t enough filing to make my clouds really nice and fat, so I used up even more scraps by putting the really small cut-offs in between the 2 cloud shaped wool pieces.

5. I then did a simple slip stitch (? help me out here sewers) using a big needle and yarn/wool/acrylic stuff around the entire edge of the cloud…

6. And voila! Here is my cute fluffy completed cloud.

Mikaela DIY cloud mobile tutorial

7. 8. & 9. Pretty much just repeated the same steps for the raindrops (probably didn’t need individual numbers for those…)

So the next part, that I don’t have pictures for, is putting everything together.

Basically all I did was thread and knot a length of transparent quilting thread into the tops of all the raindrops and both clouds, then measure the lengths of thread against the (previously painted white) centre ring of an embroidery hoop to figure out where I wanted them to hang. Then I just tied the top end of the thread around the hoop with a double knot! Very technical…

I made sure to tie them tight enough that the threads don’t slip around the hoop so all the raindrops are spaced out as I wanted them.

Then I made another length of thread to attach the mobile to a hook in the ceiling (everything is so light-weight that the thread is plenty strong enough to hold it all up).

10. And voila! Finished mobile =)

The invisible thread is really the key to this looking great I reckon, because each cloud and raindrop just float around in thin air =)

Video of how it spins when the heater is on:

I’m pretty pumped about how this turned out =D Let me know what you think!