New Handmade Projects

I’ve been working on a few ideas for Japanese inspired items to take to the next handmade markets along with my Yuzen Paper magnets and badges. I’ve created my first blossom clock, featuring the Yuzen paper with a resin coating, and also a cute little Kimono doll which I made for Katie’s birthday present. My friend from Work, Nelle, who has lived in Japan and is a Japanese languages teacher, is going to help me out to get the kimono wrap right… apparently the way I’ve done it at the moment means it’s dead! haha poor little doll.

These were both really fun to make and I’m looking forward to making lots more to take to the markets in September
Yuzen Clock

kimono doll

Both the Yuzen Clock and the Kimono Dolls will be in the Mikaela Handmade online store too =)

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4 thoughts on “New Handmade Projects”

  1. Hi! Found you through SKM’s blog. That clock is absolutely freaking beautiful!! I love Japanese things too and that is just lovely. You could call it the Sakura clock.

  2. Thank you ladies!

    Trashtastika that’s a great idea, I’ll actually need to come up with a few different names to distinguish the various papers and colours, Sakura will definitely be one of them =)

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