I thought I may want need a glider for the baby’s room, and asked a few newish mums if they thought it was necessary. The general consensus was that while comfortable and convenient, no, not an absolutely-essential-must-have-item. But I decided I still wanted one, I just didn’t want to pay the $300+ price tag. So I had myself a looksie on All Classifieds and found a second-hand glider for $20, missing a cushion, but in good working order. I did have to trek down to Isabella Plains (other end of Canberra) to pick it up, so let’s add $15 for petrol. I bought a square piece of firm foam from Clark Rubber, which cost $26, and I found some gorgeous deep purple upholstery fabric from Spotlight, which I got 2 meters of for $40.

Today I managed to put it all together, with some pin-trickery, some amateur sewing, and lots of effort getting the damn foam into the finished cushion (it was a tight squeeze!), I am really pleased with how it’s turned out!

Total cost: $86. Awesome.

I did think about painting the wood white to match the rest of the furniture, but honestly I think the honey wood (which is in perfect condition) looks fine with the purple and adds a bit of variety to the room so everything is not too matchy-matchy. So I will save myself the effort and leave it as-is =)

The grey cushion is just a cheapie one from K-Mart, $13 I think.

I may still make a head rest cushion and/or a caddy for the arm rest out of the left-over fabric too, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Let me know what you think! =)