DIY Chalkboard Don’t Forget List

Mikaela DIY Chalkboard Frame List

Over a few days last week I finally got around to doing something with a gold picture frame (op-shop find) I had lying around the house (forEVER). After the dog and husband had knocked it over several times and scared the bejeebus out of me, I decided I had to do something with it. Prompted by my Cameo acquisition and the fact hubs kept forgetting one item that he needed for the day (keys, phone, lunch, pass, wallet) and I kept forgetting the grocery bags, I put together a quick and easy “Don’t Forget” list board for the back of the front door.

This was a really quick and easy project, and I really really love how it turned out =)
Mikaela DIY Chalkboard Frame List

I spray painted the frame satin white, and for a bit of colour I stuck green striped washi tape around the inside ledge (a place for the chalk). I then painted a piece of thin mdf I had in the shed with a few coats of black chalkboard paint. I attached the mdf to the back of the frame using liquid nails (that stuff is awesome) and some gaffa tape for extra hold.
Mikaela DIY Chalkboard Frame List

To create the heading “Don’t Forget”, I used my brilliant Cameo cutting machine with some adhesive backed card stock. All I had to do was type out the words in the Cameo software, send the file to the machine, and it cut out the words for me! I peeled off the backing paper and voila, I have word stickers to use in my project. Of course you could use any scrapbooking supplies to do something similar without the fancy machine!
Mikaela DIY Chalkboard Frame List

I used a roll of double sided mounting tape ($2 from Top Bargain) to mount the board to the door, and that was that! I think it took me longer to find where I’d put my stash of chalk than to actually put the whole thing together =P
Mikaela DIY Chalkboard Frame List
Mikaela DIY Chalkboard Frame List
Mikaela DIY Chalkboard Frame List

Total cost for this project for me was $0, because I had everything lying around already, but if you were to start from scratch it would probably look something like this (and you would have lots of supplies left over):

Op-Shop frame – $5
Chalkboard Paint – $16
Paint brush – $4
Washi Tape – $4
Spray Paint – $8
Liquid Nails – $10
MDF board – $5
Card stock/letters – $2

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  1. Very cool!! Dave and I had a post-it with ‘brains’ written on it stuck on the back of our front door for ages! It was originally a reminder to take the sheep brains that were in the fridge to work for the year 12s to dissect but it became a lovely reminder to remember our brains each and every day! It got removed when we had a house inspection!

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